January 19, 2015

hey everyone!

changes have come and gone, and i am still with hermana lopez in la villa universitaria! honestly, i couldnt be more happy to stay with hermana lopez! we have seen some amazing miracles the last couple of weeks and i just hope to continue to see even more with her!

so this week i have just felt my testimony grow so much through the example of our investigators!

we went to go teach ana and fransisco and found them sitting outside with their bible, book of mormon and their pamphlets reading scriptures and answering questions about the plan of salvation! when i saw this cute family my heart just leaped for joy! how great it is to find people who are ready to change their lives and come unto christ! as we started the lesson we went over the questions and fransisco told us that all the questions he had were answered through studyuing the verses in the bible and book of mormon! he told us that IT ALL JUST MADE SO MUCH SENSE. i have always had a testimony of the plan of salvation, but it grew even more hearing these children of god testify to me, a missionary, that its true!
ana and fransisco werent able to make it to church bc her daughter has the chicken pox but they are so excited to go this next week!

another familia that is so special we found this week! their names are marta and victor! they are originally from leon but have lived in the united states. i found victor and his computer outside of his house! i walked by but knew i needed to say hi! we welcomed us in and we sat down to talk with him and his wife! he told us that his dad recieved the missionaries but he cant remember if he is a member or not! but he said that the church of jesus christ of latter day saints has a special place in his heart and has always had the desire to know more about the church!
so we taught them through out the week and they too, read the pamphlets and book of mormon. on sunday, we passed by early to remind them about the church but they didnt answer the door so i sent a text telling them that we would love for them to accompany us to church. then we passed by for others and within ten minutes of walking into the church, they come in! my heart just leaped for joy and everyone came up to greet them! it was a true blessing!

i know this church is true! without any doubt because i doubt my doubts before i doubt my faith!
i know that this is the lords work and in order to help others come unto him we all have to work in the HIS way!
this week president taught us more about the scirpture in doctrine and covenants:

He aquí, una obra maravillosa está a punto de aparecer entre los hijos de los hombres.

2 Por tanto, oh vosotros que os embarcáis en el servicio de Dios, mirad que le sirváis con todo vuestro corazón, alma, mente y fuerza, para que aparezcáis sin culpa ante Dios en el último día.

he taught us what it meant to serve the lord in each area!

i would love to here your thoughts:

how can we serve the lord with our heart? mind? might? and strength?

how are each different?

is the order important or can we skip?
well, love you all so much!

que tengan una semana llena de bendiciones!

abrazos y besos.

January 12, 2015

hey, nortes!

well this week we had a baptism of a 15 year old teenager who is such an example to me! after 6 months of going to church by herself, her parents finally gave her the permission to be baptized! they arent members and were really against her getting baptized but let her come to church with us if we took her home every sunday!! like two weeks ago…the second counselor asked her to give a prayer in sacrament meeting because he thought she was a member! haha finally after much begging, we went to her house with the bishop and his counselors in order to talk to her parents. her mom did not want to talk with us but her dad said that if she wanted to do this and stick with her decision, she could be baptized. we got the signature.. come to find out that the day before her baptism, she and her her mom got into a huge fight about it and she told her mom that she was going to get baptized…if she wanted to attend it was her choice…but either way she was going to get baptized and be a member of the church of jesus christ! i just admire this little teenager so much and know that she is going to bless the lives of so many people…including the lives of her family with her determination to follow christ!
so ana and fransisco are progressing but they have a bit of problems in the family that we need to focus on. we had such a great lesson filled with the spirit on thursday and they are just progressing so fastly by reading the book of mormon! however, we are focusing more on how the gospel blesses the family in order for them to strengthen their home.

so this week, the spirit has truly helped us to determine or discern who really is ready to receive the gospel and who isnt….

we met a lady whose boss is the bishop of another ward and invited her to the church on day. she went but only the first hour. she asked us a few questions but there was one in particular that stood out to me. she asked why we dont contact people like other religions by going door to door. i then bore my testimony of the spirit and how it is such a great gift and blessing from god! how amazing it is that the spirit directs his missionaries to certain houses. he tells us through feelings or thoughts that we should contact a house! we are led to the people who are ready. she started to get teary eyed and told us that we were sent to her house for a reason. she said that her husband has a problem with alcohol and her kids dont respect him. she said she wants more unity and love and peace in her home and asked us to come back in order to meet the rest of her family!

i truly know that the spirit is what is important in this life! if we follow him, we will be led to where we need to be, we will say what needs to be said. how blessed i am to be a missionary for the church of jesus christ and to be able to receive this guide in order to help the people who are ready to receive the greatest help there is: jesus christ!
may we all strive to have this constant companionship in order to help others come unto christ!

con mucho amor, hermana rogers.

December 29, 2014

hey everyone!

i hope you all had an amazing christmas! i sure did!!
i just loved being able to focus more on the birth of my savior and the great gift He is from my Father in Heaven! now that 2015 is coming quickly i hope that we all can strive a little harder to remember Christ each day of the year and not only during the christmas season!

here is a talk that i loved and has helped to prepare me for another year:

In the scriptures we find many questions that cause us to reflect on our lives. One of the first questions asked in the Bible was directed to Adam after he partook of the forbidden fruit. I invite you to ponder how this question may apply to your life:

“Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God amongst the trees of the garden.

“And the Lord God called unto Adam, and said unto him, Where art thou?” (Genesis 3:8–9; emphasis added).

The Lord is all-knowing, so we can be certain that He knew where Adam and Eve were hiding. If He knew where they were, what was the Lord really asking?

This question most likely prompted Adam and Eve to think about what was happening in their lives. We could ask ourselves similar questions. For example: Where are we on our journey along the covenant path to eternal life? What gifts and talents did our Heavenly Father give us in the premortal life to help us along this path? What other gifts and talents are we to gain as we strive to become who the Lord would have us become?

President Joseph F. Smith (1838–1918) stated, “Man, as a spirit, was begotten and born of heavenly parents, and reared to maturity in the eternal mansions of the Father, prior to coming upon the earth in a temporal [physical] body.”1 The Gospel Principles manual teaches us that “Father in Heaven knows who we are and what we did before we came here. He has chosen the time and place for each of us to be born so we can learn the lessons we personally need and do the most good with our individual talents and personalities.”2

Heavenly Father placed you in the best place to use your spiritual gifts and build your talents. No matter where you live or what life circumstances you find yourself in, you can make the choice to succeed, regardless of your challenges. Don’t ever give up. Keep going. Don’t quit. Remember, it’s what you do with what you have that makes you who you are.

Adam and Eve’s example can give us a lot of hope. After they transgressed the commandment not to partake of the forbidden fruit, they were cast out of a beautiful garden, the ground was cursed, thorns and thistles appeared, and they had to work and till the earth to provide for themselves. They did not give up. They went to work, as the Lord had commanded them (see Moses 5:1). Their son Cain made a very bad choice, but they continued to live righteously and kept teaching their children.

Uncle Ben’s Discovery
I have an uncle who was continually seeking to improve and increase the gifts and talents he had received from Heavenly Father. Let me share one story from his life that has helped me to see how spiritual gifts and talents are developed and magnified.

One day when my uncle Ben was at work at a copper mine, he noticed an old piece of bent metal lying by a railroad track. He asked his boss if he could have it. His boss said, “Ben, that old piece of metal is worthless. You are wasting your time to even pick it up.”

Uncle Ben smiled and said, “I see much more than an old piece of metal.”

With his boss’s permission, he took it home. In his workshop he heated the metal until it was red hot. Then he was able, with a great deal of work, to mold and bend it until it was straight.

When it cooled, he drew a large knife-shaped pattern on it. With a hot blowtorch, he cut the metal into the shape of a knife. Uncle Ben then began knocking off the rough edges, working hour after hour to cut, grind, polish, and refine that old piece of metal.
Day after day he worked on what his boss had called a worthless piece of metal. Slowly the blade began to take shape and become a beautiful, shining masterpiece.

All it lacked now was a handle. Uncle Ben went to the woods and found an elk antler. Back at his workshop he cleaned, cut, and polished the antler. When he was done, it was smooth and beautiful. Carefully he attached the handle to the knife. What was once an old, rusty, bent piece of metal became a beautiful knife that won several awards.

You and I are like that old piece of metal. We also need molding, refining, and polishing to reach our full potential. Part of that process is discovering, strengthening, and multiplying our talents and gifts.

Uncle Ben understood that much of our potential is not visible on the surface and must be discovered and developed. The Lord teaches us to “seek ye earnestly the best gifts” (D&C 46:8) and “that every man may improve upon his talent, that every man may gain other talents, yea, even an hundred fold” (D&C 82:18). And why must we do this? We can use our talents and gifts to serve others, as the next verse explains: “Every man seeking the interest of his neighbor, and doing all things with an eye single to the glory of God” (D&C 82:19). Giving service molds us into living a more Christlike life.

Finding Our Talents
Elder Richard G. Scott of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles has taught how trials can shape us: “Just when all seems to be going right, challenges often come in multiple doses applied simultaneously. When those trials are not consequences of your disobedience, they are evidence that the Lord feels you are prepared to grow more (see Proverbs 3:11–12). He therefore gives you experiences that stimulate growth, understanding, and compassion [two very important gifts] which polish you for your everlasting benefit. To get you from where you are to where He wants you to be requires a lot of stretching, and that generally entails discomfort and pain.”3

Improving Our Talents
Increasing our talents requires work. Not long ago, Elder Scott said to my wife, “Devonna, you should paint.”

Sister Arnold had never painted in her life. She had to work at it. She took some lessons, painted day after day, and after a great deal of time and effort learned to paint beautifully. I have one of her gorgeous paintings of a river scene hanging on my office wall.

Yes, obtaining talents requires work, but how great shall be our joy when we hear the Lord tell us, “Well done. Thy gifts and talents shall be multiplied because of thy diligence” (see Matthew 25:14–30).

Your Spiritual Gifts
My wife discovered a talent for painting. What are your gifts and talents? I know our Heavenly Father has given you some. How do I know? “There are many gifts, and to every man is given a gift by the Spirit of God” (D&C 46:11). God’s gifts and powers are available to all of us. It is our right and responsibility to accept our spiritual gifts, multiply our talents, and share them.

The scriptures list a few gifts we can seek (see, for example, D&C 46), but there are actually hundreds of gifts and talents. Search the Book of Mormon, particularly 3 Nephi 11–26, and you will discover many gifts and talents that are available to each of us. For example, in 3 Nephi 11 we read about the people hearing Heavenly Father’s voice but not understanding it at first:

“The third time they did hear the voice, and did open their ears to hear it; and their eyes were towards the sound thereof. …

“And it came to pass, as they understood they cast their eyes up again towards heaven; and behold, they saw a Man [Jesus Christ] descending out of heaven” (verses 5, 8).

To hear clearly and to see clearly are just two examples of spiritual gifts and talents that you can obtain and multiply if you are willing to seek after and work for them.

I invite each of us to do as Uncle Ben did: see the best in everything as we seek spiritual gifts and talents and use them to bless those around us. I know our Heavenly Father has many gifts and talents that He wishes to bestow upon us, but they “are made conditional on our asking for them. Blessings require some work or effort on our part” (Bible Dictionary, “Prayer”). May we discover, work for, and multiply the God-given gifts and talents we were born with, and may we acquire other gifts is my humble prayer.

Do You Have One of These Gifts?
“Let me mention a few gifts that are not always evident or noteworthy but that are very important. Among these may be your gifts—gifts not so evident but nevertheless real and valuable.

“Let us review some of these less-conspicuous gifts: the gift of asking; the gift of listening; the gift of hearing and using a still, small voice; the gift of being able to weep; the gift of avoiding contention; the gift of being agreeable; the gift of avoiding vain repetition; the gift of seeking that which is righteous; the gift of not passing judgment; the gift of looking to God for guidance; the gift of being a disciple; the gift of caring for others; the gift of being able to ponder; the gift of offering prayer; the gift of bearing a mighty testimony; and the gift of receiving the Holy Ghost.”
so i received a late present this year that i was not expecting or wanting…
the night after christmas i woke up at 3 am to a face that would not stop itching! i scratched and scratched until i could not bear it anymore and went to get a wet towel for my face…as i wet the towel and walked passed the mirror i decided to take a quick look that scared me half to death… i found a face full of huge bumps. literally. bumps that made my face look deformed. i screamed and woke my comp up….mom, it was like the time you woke me up to go out to see the burning house…i thought she was going to have a heart attack… we both looked at my face and hna lopez started laughing!!!! what a great comp….i called the nurse and she said it was an allergic reaction and prescribed benadryl which knocked me out cold…..and the bumps were gone.
two days later…(onsunday) i woke up to the same bumps!!! i was a little scared to go to church for fear that everyone would think i had some disease or leprasy! hahah…but i again took benadryl but i am left with a whole bunch of little bumps….hmmm, well see if they go away……….

but im alive and well!!!!
to let you all know, as a mission these past three months, we are able to help 214 families accept heavenly father’s gift: his son jesus christ!

let us all continue to help others come unto christ by accepting the gospel and being baptized by someone holding the authority of god.

con mucho amor,
hermana rogers

January 6, 2015

hiiii, mis queridos.

well, i dont have much time but id jsut like to share a few experiences with you all.

so we had a family with a baptism date fall through…they went to church but all of the sudden, the wife just told us that she did not want us to come over and that she did not like the mormon religion…
i felt so bad because i had found that family and i truly thought they were a chosen family ..they were so positive,…. but we cant make anyone come unto christ if they dont want to…

i have been thinking and pondering so much as to the book of mormon.

however, put a baptism date with another family who is super positive despite their trials they are having at this moment. their names are ana and fransisco! we met them and contacted them with the book of mormon…which lets us know if they are positive of not..they accepted the invitation to come over another day to explain more about this book!
we talked to them about the pattern that God has given us to know what Church is his. the scriptures are actually guides to find out the organization of the church and that the same organization of christs church is found today with prophets and apostles. they just knew it was true. they then asked about baptism in the church of jesus christ fo latter day saints. we then did 3 invitations about church, baptism and reading! they accepted and we left.
the next day which was sunday…they didnt arrive at the 8 oclock service so we went to pass by and take them to the 10 oclock which is really when we go! they just wanted to go at 8….but didnt. anyways, ana told us that she went and took a bible from someone else and started to read all the scriptures in the bible that are i the pamphlet. she said she knew what we had told her was true…she just was a little scared to take a step and go to church. however, she and her kids came with us!! her husband had to work but he is super positive too and we are working with him! i will let you all know how it goes!

i bear witness that the book of mormon is the word of god and can change the lives of all of those who put it to the test and act accordingly to the promise that the lord has given us to truly know if it is true!
how greateful i am for this book and the love i have for my savior because of it!!

as you all might know…. i turned the big 21 yesterday…carzy, right? i cant beleive it. anyways, president planned a super pday with the zone of villa flor and leon! we went to a place called león viejo and took pictures of the volcano momotombo! it was a great way to spend my birthday: with some amazing friends and family! i will post some pictures next week!
con amor,
hermana rogers

December 23, 2014

F E L I Z N A V I D A D !
can you all believe its christmas??
where did the time fly?…

so this last week hermana lopez and i were able to see some miracles:
one of the miracles was being able to bring 10 people and 3 families to church this past sunday! how blessed we were to be led to 2 of these families on thursday and they ALL came! and two of the families accepted a date to be baptized in january! how very blessed we are to be able to be instruments in His Hands and bring these people unto Him!

so yesterday we had our christmas activity as a mission where we watched a movie, had a talent and muscial show, and a testimony meeting. it was so fun to see a whole bunch of new faces and be able to visit with old friends!!! one thing about the mission is the gift of having so many wonderful friends! missionary friends and member friends that i hope will last a lifetime!!
i hope everyone has a wonderful and memorable and unforgetable christmas by putting christ at the center of their holiday! remember HE IS THE GIFT.

con mucho amor,
hermana rogers

December 15, 2014

hola mis nortes!

so seriously, hermana lopez and i have just had an amazing week! we really tried hard to work on being obedient in the little things and we have seen the difference! i truly testify that as we are obedient, the lord will bless us with the spirit who is a constant companion to lead us through a world full of temptations and challenges that constantly try to kick us off the the road that leads to eternal life (or the iron rod that leads to the tree of life). however, when we are worthy and have the spirit with us, we will be able to know the truth of all things. but why is this important? why do we need to know the truth of all things? well because we will be able to receive the power and wisdom to live in the way that the lord desires that we live,to make good decisions, to serve faithfully, and to become like him! i am so happy that the lord is willing to give this precious and most important gift! and i have seen the blessings in my life as i preach his gospel.

this week we were led to about 4 people that are truly chosen people of the lord! as the spirit directed, we talked to them about how the gospel blesses families and how we wanted to share a message with them that would strengthen their own family. 3 persons in different ocassions started to cry and said we could come back to talk to their family and the 4th person started crying as we stated that we are here to help people come unto christ through repentance and baptism and asked her if there was something she would like to change in her life. she then started sobbing and said she would love for us to come on tuesday to talk more with her.

i cant help but feel so blessed that the lord is using me and hermana lopez as his instruments. i know that i am doing absolutely nothing. im just the lords hands in bringing his children to the knowledge of the truth!

i hope we all can strive to have this constant guide in our lives in order to reach our divine potential.

con mucho amor,
hermanita rogers

i met some spaniards in the street.
a drunk guy yelled PHARISEEE in front of a huge group of catholics….
working to get some baptisms soon!!

December 8, 2014

hiii, mis nortes.

so right now my eyes hurt i am so tired….why?
well, LA PURISIMA was yesterday.
i would like describe it as a mix of halloween and christmas!
catholic members celebrate this holiday to comemorate Mary by putting statues of maria and a whole bunch of lights outside of their houses. then people come and sing or yell “holy maria” and the owners of the house give them candy.

then during the whole night they let off bombs or fireworks…seriously i felt like i was in a battlefield….the bombs continue but i dont think i will hear them through the night!….

so obvi christmas is still not the same as i am used to but im excited for another nica christmas…itll be great!

i am still with la lopez and have officially started my second to last change! i cant believe it……but i just love and enjoy every minute!!!

so this week was great but a little hard to contact people and bring them to church due to the gritaria…..but we have some pretty special families that we are teaching.

carmen and her family are doing amazing and will be baptized this week!
i hope everyone loved the christmas devotional! if not…please see it!!!!
let us all make christmas a little more spiritual this year and remeber why we celberate it!!!

that is it for now…dont have much time!

los quiero mucho!!!!!!!

December 1, 2014

hey mis nortes!
so its been a while since ive sent a big email!

these past couple of weeks have been great here in la villa!
today we were walking around by the catedral and stopped to look at a place to eat when all of the sudden this cute husband and his wife called us, “hermanas, vengan!” and offered us a fruit smoothie… come on, who is gonna say no to a fruit smoothie… not me!!! so the husband is from nicaragua and the wife is from canada which is where they live! they then began to ask me how much time i had and when i said i had 14 months they commented that i was about to leave! i replied with the question if they were members of the church and they said yes! we talked a while and then parted ways to do a little christmas shopping.
now why ami telling this story? well, because i really just felt the love…..
how nice it was to feel appreciated by people that you have never talked to.

so carmen and her son are just doing so great and will be baptized this saturday!
isaac and oneyda (the family we found) are just so awesome but are having a little trouble goin to church…i mean with twin babies and alittle two year old, it is pretty hectic in that household but seriously every lesson with them we walk out the door and just laugh bc we dont teach harly anything…isaac answers all of our questions perfectly and just is so ready to receive the gospel it is unreal! oneyda was very quite at first but quickly came out of her shell and asks us all thequestions she has about the gospel! they are truly so special! all they need to do is just go to church!

this week all of the leaders and missionaries of the leon stake met with presidente maravilla y presidente collado in order to have a huge consejo de barrio! it was super amazing and i feel like we all will be a better team to help hasten the lords work here in this stake! one thing i love is that president or elder maravilla talked about how important the sacrament is!! he said:
if we do not have great joy to partake of the sacrament, what part of the doctrine of jesus christ do we not understand??
if we dont have the desire to help in the lords work, what part of the doctrine of christ do we not understand?

here are some scriptures tht we read:
matthew 26:17-30
mark 14:32-40
luke 22:39-45
ALMA 7:11-14


please read these scriptures that talk about the atonement of jesus christ and the sacrament! how amazing it is to think that we have the opportunity to partake of the body and blood of chirst each week in order to acknowledge that we accept his sacrifice for our sins and our renewed commitment to him. let us all have commitment with god to not miss one sunday to attend his church. if we do not have great joy in attending christ’s church, what part of the doctrine do we not understand?
we all have great opportuntities from the Lord to progress in this life. lets look at them and take them!

here is a wonderful talk about the importance of the sacrament by cheryl a esplin!

A group of young women once asked me, “What do you wish you had known when you were our age?” If I were to answer that question now, I would include this thought: “I wish when I was your age I had understood the significance of the sacrament better than I did. I wish I had understood the sacrament in the way that Elder Jeffrey R. Holland described. He said, ‘One of the invitations inherent in the sacramental ordinance is that it be a truly spiritual experience, a holy communion, a renewal for the soul.’1”

How can the sacrament “be a truly spiritual experience, a holy communion, a renewal for the soul” each week?

The sacrament becomes a spiritually strengthening experience when we listen to the sacrament prayers and recommit to our covenants. To do this, we must be willing to take upon us the name of Jesus Christ.2Speaking of this promise, President Henry B. Eyring taught: “That means we must see ourselves as His. We will put Him first in our lives. We will want what He wants rather than what we want or what the world teaches us to want.”3

When we take the sacrament, we also covenant to “always remember”4Jesus Christ. On the night before He was crucified, Christ gathered His Apostles around Him and instituted the sacrament. He broke bread, blessed it, and said, “Take, eat; this is in remembrance of my body which I give a ransom for you.”5 Next He took a cup of wine, gave thanks, gave it to His Apostles to drink, and said, “This is in remembrance of my blood … , which is shed for as many as shall believe on my name.”6

Among the Nephites and again at the Restoration of His Church in the latter days, He repeated that we are to take the sacrament in remembrance of Him.7

As we partake of the sacrament, we witness to God that we will remember His Son always, not just during the brief sacrament ordinance. This means that we will constantly look to the Savior’s example and teachings to guide our thoughts, our choices, and our acts.8

The sacrament prayer also reminds us that we must “keep his commandments.”9

Jesus said, “If ye love me, keep my commandments.”10 The sacrament gives us an opportunity for introspection and an opportunity to turn our heart and will to God. Obedience to the commandments brings the power of the gospel into our lives and greater peace and spirituality.

The sacrament provides a time for a truly spiritual experience as we reflect upon the Savior’s redeeming and enabling power through His Atonement. A Young Women leader recently learned about the strength we receive as we strive to thoughtfully partake of the sacrament. Working to complete a requirement in Personal Progress, she set a goal to focus on the words in the sacrament hymns and prayers.

Each week, she conducted a self-evaluation during the sacrament. She recalled mistakes she had made, and she committed to be better the next week. She was grateful to be able to make things right and be made clean. Looking back on the experience, she said, “I was acting on the repentance part of the Atonement.”

One Sunday after her self-evaluation, she began to feel gloomy and pessimistic. She could see that she was making the same errors over and over again, week to week. But then she had a distinct impression that she was neglecting a big part of the Atonement—Christ’s enabling power. She was forgetting all the times the Savior helped her be who she needed to be and serve beyond her own capacity.

With this in mind, she reflected again on the previous week. She said: “A feeling of joy broke through my melancholy as I noted that He had given me many opportunities and abilities. I noted with gratitude the ability I had to recognize my child’s need when it wasn’t obvious. I noted that on a day when I felt I could not pack in one more thing to do, I was able to offer strengthening words to a friend. I had shown patience in a circumstance that usually elicited the opposite from me.”

She concluded: “As I thanked God for the Savior’s enabling power in my life, I felt so much more optimistic toward the repentance process I was working through and I looked to the next week with renewed hope.”

Elder Melvin J. Ballard taught how the sacrament can be a healing and cleansing experience. He said:

“Who is there among us that does not wound his spirit by word, thought, or deed, from Sabbath to Sabbath? We do things for which we are sorry and desire to be forgiven. … The method to obtain forgiveness is … to repent of our sins, to go to those against whom we have sinned or transgressed and obtain their forgiveness and then repair to the sacrament table where, if we have sincerely repented and put ourselves in proper condition, we shall be forgiven, and spiritual healing will come to our souls. …

“I am a witness,” Elder Ballard said, “that there is a spirit attending the administration of the sacrament that warms the soul from head to foot; you feel the wounds of the spirit being healed, and the load being lifted. Comfort and happiness come to the soul that is worthy and truly desirous of partaking of this spiritual food.”11

Our wounded souls can be healed and renewed not only because the bread and water remind us of the Savior’s sacrifice of His flesh and blood but because the emblems also remind us that He will always be our “bread of life”12 and “living water.”13

After administering the sacrament to the Nephites, Jesus said:

“He that eateth this bread eateth of my body to his soul; and he that drinketh of this wine drinketh of my blood to his soul; and his soul shall never hunger nor thirst, but shall be filled.

“Now, when the multitude had all eaten and drunk, behold, they were filled with the Spirit.”14

With these words, Christ teaches us that the Spirit heals and renews our souls. The promised blessing of the sacrament is that we will “always have his Spirit to be with [us].”15

When I partake of the sacrament, I sometimes picture in my mind a painting that depicts the resurrected Savior with His arms outstretched, as if He is ready to receive us into His loving embrace. I love this painting. When I think about it during the administration of the sacrament, my soul is lifted as I can almost hear the Savior’s words: “Behold, mine arm of mercy is extended towards you, and whosoever will come, him will I receive; and blessed are those who come unto me.”16

Aaronic Priesthood holders represent the Savior when they prepare, bless, and pass the sacrament. As a priesthood holder extends his arm to offer us the sacred emblems, it is as if the Savior Himself were extending His arm of mercy, inviting each one of us to partake of the precious gifts of love made available through His atoning sacrifice—gifts of repentance,forgiveness, comfort, and hope.17

The more we ponder the significance of the sacrament, the more sacred and meaningful it becomes to us. This was what a 96-year-old father expressed when his son asked, “Dad, why do you go to church? You can’t see, you can’t hear, it’s hard for you to get around. Why do you go to church?” The father replied, “It’s the sacrament. I go to partake of the sacrament.”

May each of us come to sacrament meeting prepared to have “a truly spiritual experience, a holy communion, a renewal for [our] soul.”18

I know that our Heavenly Father and our Savior live. I am grateful for the opportunity the sacrament provides to feel of Their love and to partake of the Spirit. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
les amo con todo mi corazón.

have a happy week and a great start to the best christmas ever!