I’ve always thought about a mission in the back of my mind. Ever since I can remember, I would heard stories from my dad about how his mission changed his life, and I always wondered: Would a mission change my life?  I loved hearing daddy’s fun missionary journey and his spiritual missionary stories. They showed me that through serving others and bringing people to Christ, your own testimony and faith can strengthen. Dad didn’t just have an impact on the people of Spain, they had an impact on him.

Like my dad, my aunts also inspire me. Dana went to Argentina, and Joslin went to Venezuela. These two ladies are huge examples to me of what a Woman of Christ should be. They have such a strong testimony and anyone can see that by the way they speak and act. Joslin has such a sweet and gentle spirit. In a way she reminds me of myself. Maybe that’s why Jason always calls me Joslin! Jossy, as I like to call her, has always been someone who I could talk to about anything. She’s kind of like an older sister or a second mom. She has given and still gives great advice and insight about things, and I know I can talk to her about anything. Besides my mom and dad, Joslin would be the first person I would go to for advice. She means so much to me, and I trust and respect her. When I was thinking about going on a mission, these two women would pop into my head. Sometimes I thought that sister missionaries didn’t really do much in the mission field, and the elders were really the ones who did everything. However, my aunts proved me wrong. Dana told me that sister missionaries are often more welcomed into the home than elders. That makes me so excited to know that I can make just as big if not bigger of difference as an elder! Before, I thought a mission would be awesome to live somewhere else for 18 months and  to meet new people while sharing the gospel. I also knew that I had until the age of 21 to decide, which I kinda sorta thought I might be married by then. But now, by deciding to go on a mission, I know there is such a deeper feeling inside of me. A feeling that makes me want others to be happy and to return to live with Christ again. I also know that not only are the people going to get something amazing, but I, too, am going to get so much out of being an ambassador of Christ. I know for a fact that my testimony of the gospel will be strengthened, and I can’t wait!

I never actually heard when President Monson gave this announcement, but my dad called and told me that night. I couldn’t believe it. If anyone knows me, they know that Whitney Kaitlin Rogers stresses and worries about everything! No really…I mean everything. So, you can say that this added to my list. I felt scared, nervous, joyous, and excited all together. “I can go on a mission in the next three months or so.” “I don’t have to wait until I’m 18.” “It’s time to decide what to do.”

With lots of pondering, praying, and seeking, five months later I finally made my decision.


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