almost thereee

mission head shot!

well, here is my missionary head shot! Can’t believe I am almost ready to turn my papers in! All I have left to do is meet with the stake president, and then it’s wait time….ugh, I just really wish I could know where I am going! But I know that these men are called of God and that Heavenly Father knows where I need to be.

yesterday I put on Facebook:

“I cannot express in words how excited I am for my future! Something pretty amazing is going to come in just a few weeks, and I cannot wait to share it with y’all! I am so grateful to everyone who has been such a great example to me throughout my life! Ah, just thinking about this makes me happy!


It was funny to see some people text me and ask me what the big news was! Lindzey and Chelsea both asked if I was moving back to Texas or if I was pregnant! Hmmm….haha. After I told them no to the prego guess and the texas guess, I had to tell them that I couldn’t reveal my big surprise until about a month. I love how they said, “You know you can tell me!” and “I’m your best friend..just tell me!!” haha. I so wish I could, but I want to turn my papers in first! But I am glad they care and want to know what’s going on in my life!

Can’t wait to tell everyone and have them start guessing where I am going! I have some ideas where I might be going…I’ll let y’all know what everybody guesses soon!!



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