After a long hard process, I finally turned my papers in! I finished my paper work about a week and a half a go, but getting my interview with the stake president was a little tough. My bishop kept forgetting to get my paperwork all turned in which was kind of annoying. I was kind of down and kept wondering if it was a sign, but my dad, stepmom, Joslin, Dana, and my mom told me something that helped me. They all basically said, “Once you start the process and get the conformation of going on a mission, Satan will do anything in his power to not let you go. Be strong, Whitney, and do not let anything stop you.” 

My dad also said, “Oh, Whitney. You are going to turn the field upside down. Satan must be worried. Patience is a hard thing to learn, but you can do it! Hang in there.” This gave me hope and determination to push through.

I am so excited to be able to share the Gospel with those who are ready to here it! When the stake president asked me where I wanted to go, I told him I wanted to go somewhere where there was not a lot of technology. The thing is, at the time I couldn’t figure out why I wanted to go there. Now, I think the reason I want to go somewhere like that is to get away from the city. I hope this is a good reason, but I want to be humbled. I want to realize other people don’t have it as easy as me. However, I know that the men who assign the calls are men of God, and the Lord will send me wherever he needs me to go, and where the people need me. President Littlefield said I would get my call in two and a half weeks mainly because this week is General Conference. AHHH, i can’t wait, and I am so excited to share it with all of you! 



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