Sister Lexie Haslem

Sister Lexie Haslem

Today I was able to see my best friend today!! So….I kinda sorta might have dropped by the Provo Temple and happened to see her! haha. This was just what I needed. She had emailed all of us, and said that she needed to see her B106 roomies and to stalk the Provo Temple at around 1:20! When we saw her, we all ran and gave her one big huge group hug with a couple of tears on the side! She told us all about the Missionary Training Center and all of the great experiences she has had. She told Chan and I that choosing her call to serve was the best thing she has ever done, and for Chan and I to never forget that!  She said that she absolutely loves her district and has definitely seen some way cute boys. She specifically told me to buy the cutest clothes and to look smokin’ before entering! “There are some cute Elders, Whitters. You gotta be looking good and make a good impression. You never know what could happen when you all get back together for a mission reunion!” Typical Lexie. She told me she got in trouble for distracting the Elders because of her good looks and her skirts shaping her butt. hahah love her! We even already made a plan that when she gets home we are both going to room together at Utah State with her sister, Jadie, of course! Goodness, I look up to this girl so much, and I am so excited to be out in the mission field with her! She is going to be such an amazing missionary, and I know that the Lord will always be by her side!

i love you, lexie haslem!

ohh, & btw, i am still waiting for my call.


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