seeing sorella haslem.



I’m SO JEALOUS you guys went and hike the Y justsaying. I love you (:

well i’m going to vent to you. I don’t want to be negative and i try to not
even have these thoughts but they are there sometimes. my companion…
hahah i ask god to help build me as a person so he gives me her. she is
GREAT don’t get me wrong but she is the kind of person the ONE kind of
person i don’t understand. Its super rough not having agency anymore
because i have to do whatever she wants. so good for me though right? She
talks and talks and talks during study time. she doesn’t just talk, she is
either complaining or bragging about herself. ive learned to love her for
it but it bugs me a bit… haha. anyways her italian suffers because of it.
and its super frustrating to be trying to SYL (speak your language) with a
companion that doesn’t know ANYTHING that is going on. nor does she even
really try. Then in the lessons I know what is going on and all a sudden
she starts saying random italian words that make no sence and she thinks
the spirit is guiding her to go off talking about the word of wisdom when
the investigator is expressing guilt for only using the savior when he is
having a hard time. I ask her why she changes the subject and shes like
well i don’t understand whats going on. She’s like sorry it frustrates you
but the spirit leads me. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH the spirit cant lead you if you
don’t bother looking up what a word or two means. So i was having these
thoughts feeling all bad for myself. I asked jesus to forgive me and to
help me to be humble. So would you like to know what he did?? hahaha
Okay I learned the word ecitata. It means excited! I have been using it in
lessons like I am so excited that you are getting babtized! Stuff like
that. (I even was able to teach my companion this word so now she has a
vocabulary of 4 words.) haha anyways yesterday i was telling the teacher, i
said we are all so excited because we got to be new missionary hosts today!
My teacher said all straight faced “we don’t say that” (have in mind this
is ALL in italian) I was like oh whoops? I must have used the wrong article
or something? So i looked the word up trying to figure out my mistake and
it said excited= ecitata. Thats all it said! So i asked my teacher, I said
okay i’m so confused because ecitata does mean excited? how am I saying it
wrong. There is no other word. He then says who knows why we can’t use this
word? This elder in my district raises his hand and says because this kind
of excited means when you’re excited about someone of the opposite sex.
So….. turns out I’ve been telling everyone I’m sexually aroused (horny) because
you’re getting babtized! and the whole class is so sexually aroused because
we got to be hosts today!!!
Now everyone teases me ohhh sister haslem are you so EXCITED to see me?
Its great. What makes it worse is I was saying Where is my pen? Where is my
pen? over and over and the words for pen is penna I was mistake and saying
pene. Which is the male reproductive organ. So… I am trying not to talk
anymore because everything I say is sexual.
love italian!
Have a good week (;


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