all around the world

from sister lexie haslem:
I went on a split this week with Sorella Palumba. She is an Italian. She says really funny things because her native language is not English. I got a charly horse in my foot when we were sleeping and I was like owwww. Shes like oh no, you have a “Charly Brown”. I couldnt stop laughing that she really thought they were called charly browns. What what a week it was.

I learned one main lesson and that is that missionary work everywhere, in every country, no matter how pointless, or how little it seems. MATTERS. I was getting my permesso to be in the country and I met a philopean man. How do you spell Philapean? Anyways he said
“oh you are a mormon… oh the mormon missionarys everyday work and work and work i see them. EVERY DAY! its amazing. they just never stop. yup.. mormons are good people. my neighboors are mormons. oh mormons there so great. Oh yeah and my friend said you worship Jonas Smit and not Jesus, but I know that is not true because your IDs say JESUS CHRIST on them. Well duh I says to him. And your castle say churchs say JESUS CHRIST big. I get it I get. You can give me allll your mormon stuff. And here is my address in the Philiapeans.”

I was thinking man the missionarys dont even know but they effected this guy who came to Italy andthen talked to us, now we are starting lessons with him and his family.

Then there is sweet dora from Peru who said this this week. I was like Dora there is another Dora in the ward that you could get a ride to church with maybe. Because she doesnt have a ride. And she was like, “oh kay! Is she babtized like me, becaue Im babtized… in this church.. I am. I am babtized. In this church.” She was just sooo proud to be a member and to have been babtized. And we knelt for a closing prayer this week and she just starting praying very ferfently in her own person pray. She misunderstood and thought thats what we were doing. Me and Sorella starting crying just watching her pray on her knees with so much faith and with tears streaming down her face. She loves her savior and the gospel, and the oppurtunity to pray. And her life was touched 15 years ago in Peru, and then she came to Italy and came into contact with us.

I was also teaching a class and the boy I was talking to said he loves the mormons because he studied in Austria for a year and the only people he made friends with were the Missioanarys. He said, “I know mormons are good people, so now I always find them! The mormon missionarys in Austria made me brownies. And it was amazing! They knew the langauge, I cant beleive they learned the language. So, when I came back to Italy I knew I had to find the missionaries, now I found you!”

So from Philapeans, Peru, Austria and Italy missioanarys work, that they may not even realize they are doing, or it might feel pointless, is effecting peoples lifes. And preparing them for the truth. It is fulfilling the Standard of Truth, that thing on my facebook. That the gospel with go forth penatrating every nation, tongue, and continent. Ahhh (: Love this gospel. Have a good week Family.


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