JB in I T A L Y [some comfort from sister haslem]

Whitters, I have been thinking about you all week. Keep sooooo strong so you are worthy for the temple. And for your mission. It sucks soooo bad to feel less than worthy in the MTC. I felt that way and it ate me up. Like I cant explain how it feels. But I had to talk to my branch president. Just be good, and make sure you feel good before you go into the MTC because you really realize that this calling is impossible once you get into the MTC. The only thing that makes it possible is the spirit that teaches and guides and leads. But it cant do that with an unworthy vessel. Focus on the language I know its annoying but you will want to know it as best as you can. Dont let people tell you it doesnt matter because thats just not true. Seriously Seriously take me seriously. We are exactly the same and I wish someone would have told me this stuff before I entered. Read the BoM you NEED the strongest testimony of that. Because if that book is true, then the church is true. If  that book is true than there is a God. And satan attacks you with doubt as best he can so if you are firm than you know. I would also read the book our heritage that you are supposed to buy for the mission it helped me 1000000 haha because it made me strong and it grew my faith. Also Jesus the Christ. I beg you to start to do any of this now, becaue once you get in the MTC you just have the biggest thirst to learn. I still have the thirst!

You are SO lucky you are not called to somewhere like Italy. Yes the history is beautiful but i am also in a very nasty poor place. But the people are RUDE, and STUBBORN, and horrible. I love them, I want to help them and I try everyday… But is a challenge. I search for foriegners though because they will actually talk to me. Peruvians and people that speak spanish are more humble and they will talk to me, as well as black people. I have NEVER loved black people so much hahaha (:

Whit aahhh dont give up. And push through, I know this time SUCKS. I know it is sooo hard but you are strong and you can do it. I have been binge eating so bad. I am trying to turn that over to my savior and have him heal me. So… if I dont want to waste this next year and half I have to turn to the lord and be healed. If you give 90 percent on your mission you get 10 percent of the blessings. But as soon as you give over your whole self and give 100 percent on your mission you get 100 percent of the blessings. When I am binging and only caring about food and eating because Im down or whatever I am not focused a hundred percent. Therefore, I am wasting my 1 and a half. I dont want to waist this time! I dont know if its still something you even think about but just remember the 100 percent thing, and I dunno.

Also everyone here hate JB!!! What the?? hahah i even met these iranian girls who hate him haha its the most AMAZING experience meeting people from all over the country. We only live once Whit, and this is the best way to get out of our little bubbles and experience life. Get ready! It sucks. Its amazing. Its hard, Its easy. It goes fast, it goes by slow. Hahah the mission is just a big oxymoron paradox. Over all, you will love it. And you are amazing, I love you so much. I cant WAIT to party after the Mission (: MUAH


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