Today is the anniversary of the Martyrdom of Joseph Smith. All of the missionaries, so about 70,000, Book of Mormons were handed out today to people who we honestly think will read them, to commemorate him and Hyrum. We read together this morning D&C 135. I want to ask you guys to please read it together as a family today! Pray about someone in your life who you can “give a book of mormon” to. Maybe not literally, but who you could bear testimony to in some way or another. Or refer them to the missionaries, or make a plan to get them introduced to the church. We do not have the responsibility to give up our lifes for the truth, but with the privelage that we have we are expect to help others on there way. Please read together and take it seriously. If one of you does it then… (: and I promise you will see maricles. We have today. Love you all, I know that Joseph was the prophet of this dispensation and the Book of Mormon is a fulfillment of the prophecy that the truth with be brought to the world in the last days. Jump in the wave, (its fun). And yes… I know… I am a total missionary now. I am still Lexie dont you worry.

my best friend is loving italy! she sent me this email this morning! i love this request and ask everyone to do this!


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