Dallas Temple

Dallas Temple

on friday i was able to go to the dallas temple! this was my second time to do a session. i was nervous but couldn’t wait to learn more!
a cute thing that happened to me was one of the ladies while doing the initiatory work forgot what she was explaining to me. she said, “I’m really sorry I forgot what i was going to say. You are just so beautiful and your eyes are so pretty!”
i don’t mean to tell you that story to “toot my own horn” but to simply say that it is all about the little things! Something so simple can be a huge blessing to someone else!
One thing that really struck me during both the initiatory work and the session was what it must be like to be either waiting for your work to be done here on earth or waiting to be able to come down to earth. I wondered what we were all saying while in the pre existence: “I have 100 more years.” or “I leave tomorrow!” This then reminded me of my own experience with waiting to go on my mission. Today I have 66 more days until i leave! I am excited to be going to serve the Lord but nervous if I am ready! How awesome to know that these were most likely the same feelings we had before coming to earth. I am so excited to obtain a body, to learn right from wrong, and to prove worthy to live with Heavenly Father and the Savior again. However, I am nervous if I am fully ready to go.
It’s awesome to think that everyone here on earth chose Christ’s plan! They believed in Him or they would not be on this earth. How much more important is sharing the gospel with others? I recently heard this story by a young woman in my ward. Forgive me if i mess it up a little but the meaning of the story is more important. I am going to relate it to girls just because i am one! hah

so, there were two girls in the pre existence who had just found out about the family’s they were going to. Carsyn ran up to Bentleigh (hey now, don’t make fun of my cute names!) and hugged her! She couldn’t wait to tell her the good news. Carsyn would have a mom, a dad, and a brother and sister, but more importantly, she was going to be raised with the Gospel! She went to hug Bentleigh but as she did she noticed Bentleigh was a little hesitant. Not understanding, Carsyn asked why. Bentleigh then told her that she would be going to a broken up family where her mom was a drug addict and her dad was in jail. Her parents were not members. Right then and there Carsyn made a promise to her dear friend Bentleigh. She said, “Don’t worry Bentleigh, I will find you!”
How precious this story is to me knowing that i may have friends here on earth that I promised i would find and bring the gospel to! Also knowing that everyone here believed in Christ’s plan before they came to earth…how could you not want to serve a mission or do any kind of missionary work!
ahhh, I am super stoked and can’t wait to serve! I have never wanted to learn more in my life!

one last thing before i am done! someone said this little quote in church today that stuck with me: EVERYTHING YOU DO IS A REPRESENTATION OF THE LORD.
meaning: in anything you do, remember that you are a representative of the lord. people are watching to see if you are acting how a christ-like person should act. Don’t do anything to embarrass you and, more importantly, the Lord!

Love y’all and have a good week!


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