see y’all in 18.

finally it’s here. ugh, this day could not come soon enough!

just so everyone knows:
this is where my mom will be updating everything that i want you to know about what’s going on with me! lolz. Personal emails and letters will not be included in this, so make sure you write me!!!!! i will definitely write you back…if i have time. also, another way to send letters is through i’m not really sure how that works, but it might be easier than actually having to walk outside to mail me a letter. 😉

my email, letter mailing, and package mailing addresses for mexico and nicaragua are on the right hand side of my blog so go, check them out, and write them down!

anyways, i just wanted to say i love each and every one of y’all. thanks for the love and support. I cannot wait to get to the MTC to begin my journey as a missionary. I cannot wait to be able to share this true Gospel with those who are ready to receive it in Nicaragua. I love this Gospel. It brings me so much joy and happiness and i can’t wait to bring this joy and happiness to others.

hasta luego,
hermana rogers


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