Rainy Days and week 2

Hola mi familia y amigos!

so, my last letter was pretty much all over the place.  I hope that it made some sort of sense, but hopefully this time it’ll be betta.  This week has gone by so much faster than the first.  It really is true, that if you make it to your first P-Day, you will be all right!

Some things have happened that I would love to share with y’all:

Numero Uno:

So on our 3rd lesson with “Carol”, our investigator, we were teaching her how to pray.  We asked her if we could kneel down to give respect to Heavenly Father and La Salvador.  She agreed and so we scooted off our chairs and onto the floor.  Hermana Howell prayed first to show “Carol” how it’s supposed to be done.  After this we asked “Carol” to say her prayer.  I felt the Spirit SO strongly and began to get teary-eyed.  The Spirit put into my mind a Nicaraguan family.  I pictured them kneeling in front of me.  We were in their house which looked like a little shack and had dirt floors.  Just like Carol, we were teaching this family how to pray.  Familia y amigos, este is what it’s all about.  I cannot express the excitement y gozo I have.  I cannot wait to go to Nicaragua and preach the Lord’s gospel. 

Numero Dos:

On the fourth visit (the night of my first P-day) we were teaching “Carol” about the love of Christ.  That he loves all the children all around the world.  She told us that she had read the Book of Mormon at least the first few pages and had said how great of an example Nephi was and how obedient he was to God and his father.  To skip back a bit…..I have been reading in 3 Nephi a lot lately.  Actually I have been reading in Chapters 11 and 12.  I am on my 6th time reading about how Christ truly did appear to the people in the americas.  It makes me cry every time.  So, because I have been reading these chapters, I felt like needed to share it with “Carol”, however, Hermana Howell wasn’t as sure as me, even though she loved the idea, she was just concerned if that is what “Carol” really needed.  So, during the visit “Carol” expressed to us that she wanted to know more about the Savior.  I then took the opportunity to share these passages.  I let her read them and…..yeah, the Spirit was in the room! She absolutely loved it and said that she wanted to be like the girl in the picture we showed her…..the girl who was there.  I then said, “Carol, seguira el ejemplo de jesucristo al ser bautisado por alguien que posea la authoridad del sacerdocio de dios? She said, “SI”!!  ahhh, I couldn’t be happier for her, even though it isn’t a real investigator, I feel like she is.  I can’t wait to experience this same gozo and felicidad when I get to Nicaragua!!!

Oh, and dad, “carol”, who is my teacher, Hermana Wilson, served her mission in Madrid!   She has the ceta thing down.  I like it to be honest.

So, idk if I told ya’ll that I received a espana name at the temple, but I did!!  She lived around the 1400’s I believe.  Who knows if she is related to me, but because she was from Spain it made me think of my wonderful familia.  It guess it just gave me comfort when I really needed it.  It reminded me of my duty to keep generations ilnked together and to continue to link my family together!!

SO I loved the talk SIster Pratt gave us in relief society.  So I am going to share it with y’all.

She was talking about patterns in the gospel.  Doctrine.   Truths.  Throughout our lives we will experience patterns.  The pattern she talked about as going from the garden of Eden to the dark and dreary world.  I’ll relate it to the CCM.  Before the CCM i was in the garden of Eden meaning I was comfortable with my life. However, when I came to the CCM I was thrust out into the dark and dreary world.  I’m uncomfortable,stressed, and a little scared, and so many other emotions.  After awhileI will get comfortable and then at the end of 6 weeks, I will again be thrust out into the dark and dreary world.  This will happen a lot from transfers and even from returning home.  She gave us the example of Lehi’s family.  They were thrust out into the dark and dreary world leaving all of their comforts and even riches behind!  She asked us this question?

“Are you going to be like Nephi and Sam? Having confidence in the Lord.  Are you going to be patient, trusting and loving? or are you going to be like Laman and Lemuel?  Complaining, hating and quitting?”  

We need to accept that we have weaknesses and that we need help.  We make the decision of where our life will take us. or in other words, we decide to react.

Sam was Nephi’s brother.  He wasn’t a prophet, but he knew how to trust and recognize the Lord.  AND he still received ALL of the same blessings.  Because of this garden of eden and dark and dreary world, I will be able to help the people transition in the same way.  I wouldn’t call them going into the dark but simply the unknown.  If we keep our heart on the Lord, we will continue to progress in the ways of the Lord.  I know that the mission will help me to be my better self.  I have purged myself of my things (all the things I left behind) so I can grow spiritually and bring forth more fruit.  (John 15)

MORE ENERGY GOES TO SPIRITUAL TRUTH WHEN WE ARE PURGED FROM OUR EARTHLY THINGS.  Being busy in our lives is not always a good thing.  Take a step back and relax.  

What are your weapons of rebellion that you need to bury?  Some of mine are laziness and thinking of myself. 

I am learning a lot that I am having to change how I think.  Instead of thinking about myself, EVERYTHING  I do is about my investigators!  I have to stop thinking about myself and solely focus on others.  I HAVE LAYED DOWN MY LIFE TO SERVE CHRIST.  ~1 John 2-23-24

We are Christ like if we lay down our lives for our friends.  We limit or determine our degree of friendship with the Lord.  We are his friend if we follow Him ALWAYS!

I also liked a devo by Holland which was a long time ago, but the main thing I got out of it was:  DO YOU LOVE CHRIST?  IF YOU DO, THEN FEED HIS SHEEP FOREVER!!!!  


Funny story:  some latino elders stopped and asked for my picture because I looked like Katy Perry.  LOL

So the Spanish is slowly coming. I just need to speak more in it.  I had a rough stitch with espanol a few days ago, but I know that I need to be patient. The next day, I had a new investigator named Juan and I can say that I have never spoken that much in one of our lessons!!  I was so proud of myself!  I even asked him to be baptized on the first meeting and he said yes!!!!!

Sorry, I have  a lot to say!!  LOL

But I encourage everyone to read the wise and the foolish man story.  Even the scriptures found in 3 Nephi 14:21-27 the wise man and foolish man are not the wicked and the righteous.  They both could’ve built their houses out of the same thing,  They could’ve had the same tools and the same materials.  The ONLY difference was their foundation.  The wise man saw his eternal purpose or eternal goal, the foolish man just saw “in the moment”


So, I love you all.  I thank you for all the love and support.  I’d love to hear from all of you and thanks to those who have written!  I am so sorry if I don’t write back.  Know that I am thinking of you and reading your emails!  Send me letters, even better!!


Hermana Rogers


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