I am so ready to be in Nicaragua! I am pretty tired of being cooped up in the CCM, LOL!

Funny Story:  So during what I think was companionship study, I heard a funny noise to my left.  I turned to see what it was and Im sure you can guess what it was,…someone had “expelled gas” {for my daddy} Hermana Howell and I could not stop laughing.  This is the funny part actually; Hermana Howell went to grab my arm to get me to stop laughing and as she grabbed my arm, I swallowed the little pen butt I was chewing on.  Ya, you know, the thing on the end of a pen? Def was not the cap.  I started choking and it was right in the middle of my throat…so I just had to swallow it!  Yeah, hopefully it will just run it’s course and I won’t have any damage.  LOL!

Two of the Elders in my district, Elder Gibb, and Elder Lamb decided to ask President Pratt if on our last week we could go to the aztec ( I think, temples) they told him it would be really good to learn about the culture and to see if we could find some similarities!  In the end, President Pratt said no because we didn’t have enough buses and it was a shame that we couldn’t go!  He said he would’ve loved for us to go.  He likes History.

~I’m tired of the food.  All I want are dark chocolate covered cranberries and an enormous ensalada!



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