Reasons why #2

{I’m Growing}

Wow, I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior!  Since I have had an eye of faith and I have realized I need to work hard, I can feel my relationship with Christ growing!  I can truly feel him working in me.  I know for certain that he is helping me grow!  When I work hard I feel like I am accomplishing and gaining a stronger relationship with the Lord and my future/present investigators.  This truly is a tender mercy, a blessing, and a miracle.  I know I would be nothing without Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father, and the Holy Ghost!

Not only is my relationship growing but my knowledge and fe seta creciendo tambien.  I truly realize that.


FAITH LEADS TO ACTION ~ dedicated service, obedience, repentance, work, salvation.

to me, this means that I just can’t say I have faith and expect Heavenly Father to give me all the blessings I think I desire and the blessings that come with fe, again. I have to ACT.  I have to use my faith and make it grow thus showing my Father in Heaven that I am putting forth the effort.  All I need to do is do my very best and he will make up for the rest!  How loving and merciful is that?  Like……very!!!!!  It’s truly wonderful to realize that all He wants is for us to DO our very best and if our very best is not enough to make it to the top….he will carry us the rest of the way!  This reminds me of a story I love called footsteps in the sand:



 A man and Christ were looking back on the man’s life.  He noticed that Christ was with him through all the easy times because there was always two sets of footprints in the sand.

The man also noticed that during his difficult moments or when the storm came, there was only one set of footprints.  The man asked Christ why he would leave him in the moments when he needed him the most.  Jesus replied by saying something like this:

the reason you don ‘t see two sets of footprints is because through your most difficult times, it was then that I carried you!

Man, I cry every time I think of this story!  It always reminds me that if I seek him as a constant companion, when times come that I can’t bear to take one more step, my Lord, my Savior, and redeemer will ALWAYS be there to carry me!  I know this because he already has!

Testifico que Padre Celestial conteste mis oraciones y ustedes oraciones! Yo se que Padre Celestial y JesuCristo habian estar y estar estaran aquí por todas personas en el mundo. Necesitamos les ir. (ehh, how’s mi español, padre y familia de Rogers?)

But for the reallys (that one is for you Chloe Grace) the Lord has answered my prayers time and time again.  I have wanted to learn more about conversion, faith and unity between us members and guess what? Every deco, every less that I have had this week has been about these subjects!


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