Mom’s Post

So, I emailed Whitney and let her know that she would be very proud of me for keeping her blog up to date with her emails and photos.  I told her it was a labor of love to retype all her emails on here and correct all the spelling and the typos.  She asked me why I haven’t just been “cutting and pasting the emails”?  Good question….I did not realize you could do that.  Ha Ha.  So this week’s post is as typed by Whitney Rogers, no spell check, no corrections, etc. 

She has been in the MTC for 5 weeks and is on her last one.  It seems like just yesterday she left but also feels like she has been gone forever!  We miss her terribly, but know she is on the Lord’s errand.  

The only thing that has been really difficult is “MAIL”.  It is not like when you are in the states somewhere and can send a package UPS and it can literally get there overnight.  I sent a package via USPS (as I was told this was the best way).  I was also told to cover the box in stickers of Jesus and it would get there.  That was 3 weeks ago…..still no arrival of the package.  Bad thing about USPS, no tracking number!  I keep praying that it will make it’s way to her before she leaves the CCM, but I am losing hope!  So I have begun my Christmas package to send asap, as who knows if it will arrive by Christmas even sending it now!  Anyone that has any experience with successfully mailing packages to Nicaragua, please let me know!  

When I ask Whitney what she might need from me in a package I hear only one thing!  CHOCOLATE!  

She let me know that some of the Elders at the CCM with her are going to be coming to Lubbock, TX.   That is in the mission where I live, so it could be nice if they ever get assigned to Midland and I get to meet them. 

She mentioned the rioting and uprising in Mexico.  She said some of the Elders actually heard the rioting right outside their walls. She said she has also heard many gunshots! She is grateful to be inside the safety of the CCM and is looking forward to leaving Mexico and getting to Nicaragua.  

She said she is very tired and wishes she could sleep for like a whole day.  They get 8 hours of sleep but then are very very busy through out the day all day.  Very little down time!

As far as how well her Spanish is coming along?  She is doing well but says she needs to work on her tenses.  She is also very nervous about being in Nicaragua and people who speak Spanish as their native tongue.  She is not sure she can keep up because they speak so fast, not like us here in Texas with the slow southern drawl!  

She said she sent me a letter about 3 weeks ago.  Still haven’t received that from her and I am very impatiently waiting.  

She will be leaving for Nicaragua next week.  She is not sure which day or time.  Then a whole new chapter of her mission will begin.  I am very excited for her and I know she will do amazing things among the people of Nicaragua.  I am very proud of her.  



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