First Week in Nicaragua….DONE!

hola, familia y amigos!

WOW, what a semana it has been. i honestly don’t know where to start.
many people have asked me many questions, and i will try and answer all of them…

ive had some delicious food and some not so delicious food.
i will say: they are THE biggest portions i have ever seen….so, idk how that will work out, but at least i walk a lot everyday.
sidenote: my foots (saying it like a nicaraguan) are swollen. they became swollen the first day i got to chichigalpa, but everyone says its normal. only one pair of shoes fit me which are my bright blue flats…my ugly shoes cut my heals so im waiting for them to heal to wear them again. 
anyways, the food is a little sketch. we have pollo, carne, and pescado. im not sure what carne but…i try it. a lot of the time i get scared bc it doesn’t looked cooked all the way, but i try it. haven’t died yet, so… the pescado is actually really good. they lady that cooks for us i think fries it or puts some yummy seasoning on it, but she just plops the whole thing on my plate. you eat everything but the huesos (bones)… yep, scales and everything. the thing i hate is how im dripping with sweat by the time lunch comes and all i want is some cold water or some icecream… and she decides to bring out steaming hot soup! yeah, no me gusta. anyways, the food here isn’t too bad, i just hate how you have to eat almost everything on your plate. ive been gradually eating less and less to see if our cook will put less on my plate. hasnt worked yet…but she’s chill.

we have a gallon bottle that we put water in and then seven squirts of purifier in it. and then i put it through my filter. i have drank the regular water just bc im SOO thirsty. our cook makes us a drink that is like milk and then puts some type of oatmeal in it…suprisingly good.

ANIMALS: honestly, i haven’t had a terrible experience with bugs… the mosquitos are annoying but the bug spray helps. i dont need a net just yet. 
so, there is a girl in the ward named josselin. she is planning on serving a mission and so she goes tracting with us. ahh, i love her! i will tell you more later, but to get to the animales…. the other night, josselin saved me from stepping on a massive serpiente and the next night i almost stepped on a lizard…i think. it was rather dark. cats and dogs just run wild…gross but i feel so bad bc they are skin and bones. dont worry, i haven’t petted or touched one.

so, the day after we got to nicaragua, we went to presidente collado’s house and met our trainers. after a while we all hopped in what i think was a church owned bus and drove to our different areas.
so, familia, i love you guys to death but this had to be my hardest goodbye: with my nica/ccm sisters! we said goodbye when we went to this place that has all these buses going to different places. i quickly found out that the church bus wasn’t going to take us everywhere! i cried when i had to hop on my other bus….which i barely made! the driver started driving away right when my companion hopped on. btw, these buses are just like regular school buses packed with people and when you stop, people hop on to sell food. annoying. 
but dude, i miss my ccm sisters. it’s been so hard bc we’ve been through this whole journey together and then all of the sudden, we are being seperated. que triste.  but they are in another zone right next to me and i get to see them this friday!!! YAYYYYYYYY!
MY COMPANION: her name is hermana baten, and she’s from guatemala. she’s been very patient with me and has been a sweetheart. the only thing i get annoying with, is she tells everyone that i don’t understand very well. and repeats everything i say to an investigator….i need to talk to her about that. she lived on a farm in guatemala and speaks some different language. and spanish. she’s chill. she’s also the sister trainer leader which means two times a week she or i go to a different area. i see this as a huge blessing to be taught by other sisters some will be american and others will be spanish. it has been extremely difficult, because i can’t ask her what something means, and my stake president told me to not take so much stuff in my mochila like my english and spanish scriptures and my dctionario….so, i have to write down every word i dont know and look it up later…i decided to write down the most common ones first.

i love my zone! everyone here is divided into companionships with one latino and one americano, so theyre even in that sense. 
today for pday we went and played fútbol y fútbol americano en la playa! it was SUPER TUANIS.  yeah, this is a word in nicaragua that basically means very good or excellent. im not sure how many of us there are. ahh, you don’t know how bad i wanted to jump right into that water! ah, it was super hard not to! i did get a little sunburnt on accident.

MY DISTRITO: ahhh, i love my district tambien! i have elder itzep (24; 3 meses), and elder perez (20; 14 meses) who are from guatemala tambien. it makes me happy that every chanve they get, they try and learn english. they are also super patient too. it makes me feel like im not the only one who is learning. then we have elder Mataia a cute somoan guy who is 20 and has been on the mission for 14 meses tambien. he is my district leader and i love him to death! he always helps and encourages me! then there is elder brown who is from utah.. i forget where!


this is what i really wanted to tell you guys. when people say you learn to the love the people, they are SO RIGHT! 
I LOVE THE PEOPLE! at first, i was so frustrated… and honestly, i still get frustrated. this mission is full of a bunch of ups and downs! sometimes i love it and sometimes im wondering why i am here, but i realize i have only been here for a semana! the ward (barrio) and the investigadors are so patient and loving! i mean, they are just loving people!
-they have no air conditioning
-some have sement floors
-no nice clothes
-i havent used their toilets, but i have till fill up a bowl of water and pour it into the toilet for it to flush.

i mean, a recent convert just gave me some socks becuase she saw my bloody heals… they are willing to give you things when i dont think they have very much themselves!

the kids are adorable! they are always trying to learn english words from me and help me with mine! awh, so cute!

i actually had this one 13 year old girl who played with me hair and combed it with the family brush that they let everyone and anyone use.  i was scared for lice and had to wait until like 4 hours later to wash my hair good. i was so nervous…but no lice! 

the men are still gross….ive been called a lot of not so nice names in spanish and in english. what i hate is when im trying to contact and they come up to me and tell me how beatiful i am. these people love americans. i had an old man tell me he wanted to marry me….but anyways, i try to remember to keep my cool, bc i honeslty want to just chew them out sometimes!

AHHH, I HAVE SO MUCH TO WRITE…but ill have to cut it short!


ARIEL! he is 13 and lives with his aunt and uncle who are recent converts. he is such an angel in my eyes, but i  have to be careful bc he has a little crush on me! ugh, i just want to hug and kiss everyone, but i cant!  the reason he is an angel to me… and why all these people are is bc his mother died of cancer and his dad just up and left him..but he is the happiest kid ever! ahhh, i just get teary eyed everytime i think about it!

some of these people dont have husbands, wifes, mothers, fathers, or a combination, and the still carry on and are humble people. i love it.

i think the main thing i have learned my first week is that EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD SPEAKS THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE. everyone.

even though they cant really understand me and i cant understand them, the spirit touches both of our hearts. it pains me to see some ppeople reject our message. i hate agency. i look at every investigador and see all the reasons why they need the gospel! all the reasons why it would bless their lives, and then, some still drop us or they are just scared to be baptized!. the worst part is when i know exactly what they are saying and i cant respond bc i dont know the language! thats the worst bc i want to help them understand, but im learning.

i want to thank you all for all the prayers and the kind words! im learning everyday and relying on my savior to help me and carry me through this time as i preach his gospel!

Les amo mucho!


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