Mom’s Post 2

Whitney left to Nicaragua from the CCM in Mexico on Monday Oct. 14.  I did not know when I would hear from her, and was surprised that I received a very short email on Thursday the 24.  She was not sure she wanted me to post any of her comments from that email because she wanted people to only see and read the positives.  Nevertheless, she told me to use my discretion at what should be posted.  I felt like it would be a good idea for people to know and read what it is really like for these missionaries when they get to their missions and sometimes how overwhelmed they can be and how difficult it is.  The purpose in that is,  as you read her future emails you can see her growth and how she has overcome any challenges that she will face.  I also feel it is important to understand that these missionaries are not just gone on vacation.  To feel and understand the real challenges they face in learning a foreign language in such a short period of time, in living in a completely foreign environment, and more.  Here are her comments from that email:



I am so lost and so culture shocked it is not even funny!

I cannot understand anything these people are saying!  They really do drop their “s” so when they talk they sound like they are just opening their mouths and saying sounds!  Es Muy Dificil.

Estoy en CHICHIGALPA.  A few fun facts about this place:  It is the hottest place in Nicaragua.  No Bueno.  The first night I was here I thought I was going to die because of the humidity and the hotness.  Im getting used to being sweaty and thirsty every minute.

My trainer is Hermana Baten…which I am having a rough time with because she will not talk slow or explain.  Being surrounded by people who don’t speak any english has made me very sad but I know that it will only help me, everyone tells me it will get better.  I hope it does.

I have some funny and scary stories for Ya’ll.  I almost stepped on a giant snake in the street.  No, for reals!  Josselin, a girl who is going on a mission went contacting with us and saved my life!

All the men here definitely like americans.  I have gotten everything you could think of.  This 19 year old boy that was super nice kissed me on the cheek when I left.  I was shaking his hand and he just went in…I was a little surprised and nervous afterwards. 

This experience has made me very humble.  They truly do live in horrible circumstances.  

We have an investigator named Claudia who has been through some rough times and won’t get baptized because she doesn’t feel happy.  I know the gospel would make her happy!  I just need to tell her that but it is so hard because I don’t know the language.  

Uhhm…the food….yeah. It’s good except I’m most likely going to gain weight because everything is fried.  


Please, Please, Please Pray for me!  I am having a hard time with this….I want to be here but it is extremely hard. I am literally camping every day! 

I am safe right now. 

Les amo much, familia.

I will tell you more about my week later.  



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