October 29 (late Post) 3rd week

okay, so the first thing i want to say is how GRATEFUL i am for such wonderful people in my life!!


i have been having a hard couple of weeks adjusting to this new culture, climate, and way of living and hearing all of your kind words has truly helped me so much! thanks to everyone for the kind words and wonderful scriptures! i will read every single one of them! please keep sending me letters and emails. i know i don’t have time to reply, but i can promise that i read each and every single one of your emails, which is probably why i don’t have time to reply. está bien.

so here are the things i wanted to tell y’all:

-my compañera is the sister trainer leader for all the sisters in our zone, so once or twice a week we have intercambios, which is where either i go or she goes some place different. we only have one this week, and i got to go to CORINTO with hermana pochop ( a gringa). where is corinto? well, corinto is a village/city by the beach! it’s where i went last week for pday!

i had so much fun with hermana pochop. one of the things we did was eat lunch on the beach. but my favorite thing we did has to do with this family. we were talking to this wife and husband, and to be honest, i cant remember what it was about…unfortunately. but anyways, hermana pochop asked him if he would give a prayer and he said okay… now, sometimes when the people here say a prayer they either forget to say amen or i cant really understand them…i thought this was the case today. since i couldn’t here the words i thought that he was simply finished. but as hermana pochop and i looked up, we saw watery eyes. this man was crying. right before then he had just been talking about his family. it was simply beautiful. i was so excited and deeply wished i couldve gotten to know this family more. i will never forget that experience.

-this week i had the gripe…i dont really know what that means, but it has to do with being sick. i have had a runny nose and a cough, but its all good. i have quickly realized that once one person gets sick here…everyone gets sick. idk.

-on thursday we had a reunion with presidente where i met a lot more missionaries in another zone. it was great to talk to them, and realize they were in my same shoes. i keep hearing the words, “it will get better. make it past your first 3 months and you are golden.”

-yesterday i gave my first talk in espanol. i decided to talk on oracion (prayer). i related the two scriptures about how christ prayed to the Father in the Garden of Gethsame and the things we can learn from it… it was pretty short bc i found out a couple hours before church started. here, we have two services. one at nine and one at 7 pm.

-i saw a big group of gringos the other day but didnt talk to them bc i didnt want to…lol. i just pretended i could speak spanish fluently and walked past them. im pretty sure it was either a mission trip for a different church or a humanitarian trip.
-i love mexican music now… the people next to us blare their music which is sometimes mexican and sometimes regular. its super hard not to sing along!!!
-i had my first confrontation with this old man and women this week. we were contacting this family and these two old people came up and started talking about how the evangelical church was the only true church and some other things….i was so sad and started to cry. i just cant understand why people have their agency and why people choose to decline the spirit. i want everyone to just flock to us and be baptized. haha.

so, my time is out, but i want to say just how much every single one of you means to me! i could not be more grateful for the amazing support group i have! i love all and know that i pray for you guys every single day!

one bit of advice! i encourage every single one of you to share something about jesus christ to someone! how great is the message we have about our lord and savior jesus christ, so why would we not want to share it with everyone? NEVER be scared to talk about the one person who has given you EVERYTHING! every single person can be a missionary. yes, i am called and set apart as a representative of the lord, but i need help! there are so many people who need to hear the truth! go and share it!!!!!!
so, i have a ton of pictures but i forgot my camera again….lo siento.

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