November 4 2013

woahhh, he terminado dos meses! super tuanis! 

the time really has gone by fast i must say…hermana behan, my homie from the ccm, emailed me and asked me if i wanted to extend…and i told her i would tell her in around 16 meses. lolz.

entonces, esta semana fue muy loca….en serio.

martes: i had divisions, which meant my compañera went to managua and another hermana from naranjo came here to chichigalpa. pues, here is the scary part: i had to put my big girl panties and be the leader or senior companion, because the hermana i was new nothing about my area or where anything was. so, i had to remember. not, going to lie. i was a bit nervy. my compañera for the day was hermana kent from ogden utah. Sí, there were two gringas in chichigalpa wandering the streets, teaching lessons, and trying to speak another language..sketch, i know. but we made it. i can honestly say that this experience made me really see how much my spanish has improved! hermana kent has been in nicaragua for a cambio antes de mi and i was the leader! i felt great…. and i knew where everything was!  we only got lost once, and hermana kent was a little nervy because it was dark and there were no lights where we were walking. but i told her it was fine, just be careful for snakes and poop…lolz. sorrry….

but, ive realized that i love having my companion be the sister trainer leader bc i have to opportunity to learn from different hermanas. hermana kent taught me more about obedience. she said she loves obedience. another thing is that no one’s life is perfect. i have to admit that i looked at her and thought… her life must be perfect. i bet she’s the typical smart, molly mormon with a homely and perfect mormon family… yeah, im being real right now. but, that wasn’t the case! she has been through a lot in her life that i was suprised she has gone through. i dont want to spill out her life on here, so i wont go into detail, but she has 7 siblings, some are inactive, and doesnt speak to her dad.. i encourage everyone to truly get to know a person. yeah, i know we have all heard this, but: dont judge a book by its cover! anyways, shes great.

 i had a reunion with my CCM sistas!!!! ahh, it was great! we all ran to each other and gave a big group hug! we talked and talked about everything that has happened, and it made me realize that we are all going through the exact same things and promised each other that we would all work our hardest, be the best sister missionaries possible, and finish together! it was hard to say goodbye the second time…

sobre mi español… estoy aprendiendo cada dia pero a veces, estoy triste porque no puedo hablar y explicar. a veces les entiendo a las personas pero puedo responder. pero, siento mi español está creyendo.
i have many experiences with people who have explained their story or their questions or their problems, and i am not able to respond. i say simple things, but i wish i could get more in depth…however, when i go home i try to look up the vocabulary and study it for next time.

one experience i had was with a recent convert who is an absolute golden member… his wife and him were recently baptized, before i came, and 3 out of 5 of his kids. we were over there one night this week and he started talking about how he loved this gospel and how it has changed his life, but that he knew his life wasnt complete…i got scared but then he started to explain why. he said that  his life wasnt complete because his two eldest sons werent members and werent receiving the same  joy and happiness that the rest of the family was. he started crying and said he would do anything for them to be members of the gospel. this absolutely broke my heart. whitney rogers, as a representative of jesus christ, wants everyone to become members of the lord’s church and to be able to receive the blessings and ultimately eternal life. so, when i saw this man break down into tears for his two sons, i couldnt help but get teary eyed. i wanted so badly to give him a hug and say what was on my heart, but i couldnt. however, i said what i needed to and hopefully i helped him. i know that his boys will accept the gospel when they are ready.

before i go, because i need to leave…
i wanted to tell dad and frank that i played baketball with the district and thi wooped their trash. i stayed on the court the whole time.

there is so much i need and want to say, but after my computer has crashed twice, im just sending this.

les quiero mucho.

hermana rogers

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