December 2

hi, loves.

so this week was my first week with my new companion hermana molina.

shes from nicaragua and is serving here bc shes waiting for her visa in order to serve in Peru. she came the change before me, so we are somewhat nuevas together. she has been great other than the fact that i cant really understand her. she has a thick nica accent, so she doesnt pronounce her words correctly, so even when she is talking super slow i cant understand her…however, i can understand her during lessons. how great is the spirit, huh? haah  i have a positive feeling that we will have a lot of success in chichigggalpa! 

so, i did have a feast here…nicaragua style, which consisted of carne, carne, and more carne. we had chicken, some type of hot dog…which kind of scared me….and some type of read meat. i think it was steak pero no sé. but im not talking about just a small amount…im talking 2 hot dog thingys, a long strip of steak, and two huge chicken breasts. then we had a heaping pile of mashed potatoes…at least there was no gallo pinto (beans and rice mixed together). and then we had some veggies. i seriously wanted to just roll over and die after this meal. im okay to admit that i am starting to get a pansa….look it up. lolz…but whatevz.

anyways, it was a great thanksgiving with our stake president, his family, and only our district! 

i want to quickly share my testimpny and some of the many things i am thankful for….

Estoy muy agradecida por el Evangelio de Jesucristo en mi vida. sè que sin este evangelio, soy nada. sé que este Evangelio es verdadero y es el mismo evangelio jesucristo establició en la tierra. Este Evangelio me trae mucho felicidad, paz, gozo, y amor. Tambien, estoy muy agradecida por mi Salvador, Redentor, y Hermano, Jesucristo. estoy muy agradecida por Su sacrificio y Expiación. Sé que Jesucristo y Padre Celestial me aman mucho. Por eso, ellos me quieren regresar y vivir con ellos y mi familia otra vez. Sé que Jesucristo y Padre Celestial me oyen mis oraciones y me contestan y me bendicen. Estoy muy agradecida por el espíritu Santo  para ayudarme encontrar y enseñar y bautizar y retener familias. Estoy muy agradecida por obra misional y por mi oportunidad que tenga compartir el evangelio verdadero. 
Estoy muy agradecida por mi familia. Les amo a ustedes mucho. y espero que ustedes fortalecen sus relaciones con Jesucristo y Padre Celestial. Quiero todo de mi familia regresar y vivir con Jesucristo y Padre Celestial otra vez. NO EMPTY CHAIRS.

-i tried chicharon….disgustinggggg. its like fried pig skin..ugh no.
-i guess the 1st through the 8th of december, the catholic religion worships mary, so all this week we have had large groups of people singing in the streets, a catholic church playing music through the bell, and many fireworks…they really arent fireworks. just tiny sparks that sound like bombs that go off all day and all night. 

heres some pictures…i forgot what they are and i cant see them

i think me and my new companion making tortitas 
with the lady that makes us cena.

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