November 25

yo yo yo.

this email is gonna be short because i wanted to make sure and send pictures this week!

so this week has been extremely busy with traveling!

martes we had a reunión en managua with all the nuevos.

miercoles we had a reunión en managua with ALL the hermanas.

jueves we had a zone meeting in chinandega.

viernes we had divisions.
sadado we had a reunión con presidente collado en chinandega
sabado y domingo we had conferencia de estaca chinandega.

yes, it was a busy week, but i wanted to talk about an experience i had.
so, i met this guy named harvey. he, his gf and his son were walking to the park, and we were walking to our cena cita at presidente Quitanilla’s casa. but hermana maltez (she was with me in chichi for divisions) and i decided to stop them. as we walked up to them..i noticed that this guy’s left eye was shut and like the size of a baseball. i assumed he got in a fight or something…idk. anyways, as we were talking his girlfriend he started to talk in english…so i was all pumped, and began to preach in english. i told him who we were and why we were here…he said two guys in ties visit him every week….and i assumed it was elders. however, i found out that they were JW’s. bc our elders said they didn’t know him. que triste. entonces, he started to tell me about his life and how he used to live in miami, then went to texas, and later got deported back to nicaragua. he told me how he had been locked up a few times and then he told me why his eye was the size of a golfball. he said that he was shot three times. once in the head, once in the stomack, and once in the foot or leg. he told me that he knows he is alive for a reason and that he wants to find the reason. i started to explain how we all have a purpose but through the gospel of christ, we are able to find and develop that purpose.

  one of the statements he said really stuck out to me….
he said: why is it easier to do bad than to do good?

i pondered on this question for a good minute actually… meanwhile, he continued to talk about why there were so many churches in the world and why cant we all just get along. why cant christ just put his church on earth.

this is where i answered his question.

never ever believe this.

my dad taught me this saying that my great grandma used to say:
dime con quien andas y te diré quien eres.
which means:
tell me who you hang around with and i will tell you who you are.

who you hang around with is extremely important!
if you want to do good…be around people who have the same standards and morals; people who bring you up and not down.
if you want to do bad…i guess be around people who do bad. i wouldn’t recommend this but it’s your choice.
this doesnt mean you should strictly hang out with these people, but be strong enough to not do bad. how do you do this? follow christ. be an example to those who aren’t making good choices.
every decision we make has a consequence..good or bad.
isn’t this why we are on earth?
to make choices. christ gave us agency to choice good or bad. why? because he wants us to become like him. he wants us to learn and to grow in order to have the experiences and knowledge that he does. YES, HE WANTS US TO BE EXACTLY LIKE HIM, AND EVERYTHING THAT HE HAS PROVIDED FOR US IS ORDER FOR US TO ACHIEVE THIS.

so, yes, there is good and bad in the world, but without the bad, we don’t know what good is. in a way, we need bad, but that doesn’t mean that we should do bad. i hope that makes sense?

this world is full of bad but we need to rise above.
this life is a glimpse of what our life is in eternity.
we need to always look at the big picture. i dont know aboutr you, but i want to live with my savior and heavenly father and family and friends once again. and if that means i have to be in this world but not of the world, then thats fine with me. the reward is worth it, and i testify that our lives will be so much happier and enjoyable when it is centered around christ. i know this with all my heart!
i also want to say that it is never too late to change. no matter how low you are or even if you have reached rock bottom, you can still change. that is what is so amazing about our savior. through the atonement, we are able to be forgiven. however, each day we must try to be better.

i encourage everyone to start today to be better and never go back to who you were. even if you are a some righteous person…we can always be better in order to be like Christ.

so, im out of time but i want to say some quick things

-im having a thanksgiving with the stake president so dont worry
-this change we have 12 new sister and 3 elders
soon the mission will be 50-50! yayyy for hermanas!
-i get a new companion tomorrow, and hermana baten is going to chinandega oeste.

les quiero mucho!!!!!

hasta ver.

one month until navidad!!!!
for christmas, give a present to the Lord: share the gospel with someone. help the missionaries out!

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