December 30, 2013

woahhh, the past couple of weeks have been crazy filled with many exciting activities…

-dinner with every single recent convert in zona chinandega. 
-a talent show with our ward in chichigalpa. 
-christmas eve was spent in managua with ALL thge missionaries in our mission, which was SO much fun.
-christmas with a recent convert
-another christmas dinner with the whole ward in chichigalpa
-an activity and dinner with Change For Hope

with all of these activities, christmas still felt a little different without the family and close friends…the food and the snow(mobiling) that i am used to. However, i will say that i enjoyed the Christmas that i did have spending it with my second family.
christmas eve with ALL of the missionaries was SUPER chill. 
i loved seeing and meeting a lot of the other missionaries serving the people in the north mission. i have decided to tell you how the whole day went. so the first thing we did was wake up at around 4 in the morning in order to catch our bus, which already had picked up zona chinandega oeste and half of zona chinandega. we hopped on the bus and took around a 2 hour bus ride to managua. yes, in a big yellow painted bus that looks like those busses from the movie footloose…i need to take pics. anyways, we arrived at a super nice hilton hotel where we chatted with the missionaries that had already arrived, waited for others to arrive, and gave our christmas presents to one another!….atleast my ccm sisters and i did. we had a little gift exchange thing! after this we got to watch DESPICABLE ME 2. yesssss, we did and i enjoyed every second of it even though my eyes felt like they had 20 pounds on each eyelid. i was exhausted. After the cute movie we had a fancy lunch where we had christmas food and NO GALLO PINTO! HALLELUJAHHHH. can you say, turkey and mashed potatoes?  okay, bueno. after this we all chatted more, took some pictures, and did a little talent show with each zone..except zona puerta cabezas. 
zona puerta wasnt able to come bc they actually have to travel by `plane to get to places, but presidente collado and his family spent christmas with them after us…arent they too sweet? best mission presidents ever!
 okay, so after more chatting we all made a massive run to where all the packages and letters were!

i want to say a huge thank you to everyone who sent me christmas cards! i hung them all up by my bed! yall are the best! you made me feel so thought of especially during this crazy time of year. gracias, angeles. so, i did get three huge packages and my dl had to help me carry one with the condition that i would share…i had no choice, but at least i got to choose what i gave him: my trailmix. lolz. anyways, everyone was jealous and kept asking if there was a person in my package bc it was so big. ha. 

anyways, so after a long, fun-filled day, its safe to say that i crashed right when i got home!

i will tell my mom that the day before christmas i put out all my presents just like you do! thanks for the stocking too! it was a must-have.

frank:    i have not used my astronaut food yet but i will let you know how good freeze.dried food is! oh, and thanks for the fan! i use it every morning while i study!

so the last thing activity i want to emphasize on….even though i want to tell you guys about them alll… about CAUSE FOR HOPE!

everyone please go and look at their website:

Cause for Hope pursues its objective of building self-reliance for individuals and families through multiple, yet closely related programs.

they go to a lot of countries in south and central america, i believe, and we had the amazing opportunity to have them in our beautiful zone of Chinandega! they went to three parks in different areas and helped us contact a lot of families by setting up a camera where they took pictures! it was a huge success bc many not only wanted pictures with their families, but a lot of them wanted pictures with the gringos from los estados. 

it was super funny to see these people try and talk spanish…a lot of these gringos, who are all members of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints, couldnt even speak a lick of spanish. it was funny to see that i was once just like them…..a la grande……hhaaha. and it was kindof fun to show of my spanish. ha. yep, sister whit is almost bilingual
but they were super kind of loving toward the people in chichigalpa and we are grateful for their help in bringing souls unto the true gospel of jesus christ! zona chichigalpa has a lot of families to visit now!

after this activity our zone met in chinandega where we had dindin with the members of Cause For Hope! it was just lovely. 
MOM, i met the super cute fashion blogger, Rachel, from pink peonies! ahh, she is absolutely stunning with the body of my dreams….despues la mision. lolz. she reminded me a lot of you! anyways, she told me she was going to email you a picture of me and her….did you get it?

anyways, all in all, these couple of weeks have been absolutely great. we have a really positive family that i am really excited about, but i dont want to gynx it yet so i will let you know in the future.

one last thing i want to tell yall is that i hope you all enjoyed every second of your christmas with your family..but more importantly, i hope you enjoyed thinking about your savior. we asked an investigator on the street how her christmas went and she said it went horrible bc her mom had passed away, so she doesnt really enjoy the christmas season.
i couldnt help but tell her that she was thinking about herself. i told her that christmas, yes, is meant to shared with family, but the whole reason for christmas is to celebrate
at first i thought she was going to kick me out of her house, but her face warmed up and she said that its just hard bc she wants to see her mom and spend time with her….so, we decided to share the plan of salvation with her.

family, i cannot tell you how grateful i am for the companionship of the holy ghost, i literally didnt have to think about spanish at all. the words just cam out of my mouth and i know that it was the holy ghost telling me what to say in order to touch her heart. 
how i love being an instrument in the hands of the lord. we have this saying as a misison: SOMOS LOS MANOS DE CRISTO.
i am literally  the hands of christ. as a representative of christ, i am doing exactly what jesus christ himself would be doing if he was on the earth today…wow, im crying right now…
how thankful i am to be doing His work…to be able to exercise my faith and the faith of those i teach in order to work miracles!
and the only way we see miracles in our life is if we have faith. FAITH BRINGS MIRACLES. OBEDIENCE BRINGS MIRACLES.
digo estas cosas en el nombre de jesucristo. amen.

ahh, cambios are this week and im super nervous. please, everyone pray that i train!!! i really want to but if not…im okay with that too. oh and did i mention im about to be 20

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