January 20, 2014

hey hey hey!

so im way sorry i didnt write last week….i was in managua and got back super tarde.

let’s see if we can get caught up on ALL that has happened in the past two weeks…

here’s a laugh:

so i was studying like a super pilas missionary like myself does and i went to get my bible out of my backpack when i saw this huuuge scorpion underneath! i told my companion how huge it was and she told me…

“hmmm…i wonder where the mom is.” 

so i have a new adorable companion who is another visa waiter…im starting to wonder why heavenly father keeps sending me visa waiters who are about to leave, but i know he always has a reason.

her name is hermana hernandez and she is from masaya (más allá), nicaragua. she’s super quiet which has made me have to step up it up more in taking over during the lessons. that has actually been really good for me to practice my spanish more. ahh, i love spanish, and i feel more and more confident every day!!!!

well, we baptized to little boys on saturday…named isaac israel and josé vidal. there mom is a member but their mom’s boyfriend isnt. he is super positive and wants to be baptized but they have to get married first…however mercedes is married to a guy who left and movied to costa rica so she has to get a divorce first which will take five to six months. we are continuing to work with them and strengthen them as they continue to go through this process!

so over the past two weeks, i have learned some incredibly valuable lessons.

lesson one:

  you should never take the name of being a representative of the lord lightly. as missionaries, we are representatives of the lord. We are doing exactly what the lord would be doing if he was on the earth and with that comes GREAT responsibility. a missionary’s purpose is to bring others to christ, but the question is what do missionary’s need to do in order to bring others to christ. well, the best thing is your example and your spirit. when you are not being an example of jesus christ, you will not have the spirit with you in order to guide you to chosen people. i cannot stress how important the spirit is….haha cada carta.

  but missionaries are not the only one’s who need to set the example…. every single member of the church is a follower and an example of christ. i want to remind everyone that people are watching your every action. if you want to be a follower of christ, your actions need to be consistent. 1 timothy 3:12. please remember that your actions speak louder than your words.

lesson two:

  “for, behold, you should not have feared man more than God. Although men set at naught the counsels of God, and despise his words– Yet you should have been faithful; and he would have extended his arm and supported you against all the fiery darts of the adversary; and he wopuld have been with you in EVERY time of trouble.”

i absolutely LOVE this scripture. it says that we need to never be afraid of people. we need to have more fear in god and what he thinks of us than what people in the world thinks of us because ultimately, what you think of yourself, and more importantly, what heavenly father and jesus christ think of you is what matters. remember to be firm, constant, and immovable like a valley, and not tossed to and throw, constantly changing like a river.

i hope every single one of you know how much i love and appreciate everything each of you has done for me! i love you all and pray for y’all each day.

con mucho amor,

hermana rogers.

make this the best week!!!




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