January 27, 2014

well, i don’t know if i forgot to tell you guys, but SOY NICA.

I officially recieved my cedula last monday when i went to managua. entonces, i officially am a resident of nicaragua.

okay, so i have a pretty “funny” story…

going to leon  (other area)
interview with president
church is on the edge of the market
walking in the market
many people
seperated from my companion with a guy inbetween 
trying to not lose her
weird feeling
too many people
hear a “zzzz” noise
my comp pulls over and turns
the guy follows her and acts super weird
running and bumping into everyone
una muchacha: “su mochila está abierta!”
i stop.
“él sacó algo en su mochila.”
otra muchacha, “¿usted tiene una camara?”
my heart drops.

yes, this week, and probably at the worst time possible…
i had my first experience with being pick-pocketed.
i will say that i feel super blessed bc my credit cards, cedula, and drivers license were in the same zipper…..
yikes, i know.
but he only grabbed my camera.
the guy that was infront of me tried to unzip my comps backpack and i didnt even notice…but she was lucky and got away.
goodness, these guys were good….
i will also say, with my head hung low, that i did not follow my prompting to turn around when i heard my zipper being undone. yes, the spirit is always there to help us if we but only listen.

with Elder Soares of the Seventy

wow, i could not have been more grateful for this conference.
How great is it to know that the Lord speaks to His people in many different ways. I am so grateful for my Savior and my Heavenly Father and for their constant love and help. i am also grateful for the lord’s servants and for their worthiness to be able to speak xactly what i need to hear.

this conference was great because it was with the North and South Missions. entonces, every missionary in Nicaragua was there. each president and his wife talked, and then elder and sister ochoa spoke and then elder and sister soares spoke!

the main topic was about obedience
one thing that i loved was that the best time to obey is when you were taught but the second best time to obey is NOW. many times in our life we think that we are too far gone…that we can’t change. but this is never true! like i have said in my emails before, we are constantly changing everyday. some changes may be hard but if we truly want to change, we can. and the only one who can change you is yourself. do not let yourself think that you cannot get back on the straight and narrow path.. and do not settle. this is what the adversary wants you to think…that you will never be good enough. that you will never achieve this. that you can never be like christ. or maybe that you will never please him. but i can tell you that if you are doing your VERY best. then that is all that matters. if you do your best, the lord will help you. he will even wrap you around in his love. and in the end, he will be merciful. 
so, if there are things that you want to change..in you walk with christ, in your relationship with him or maybe others, START NOW. do not wait until the start of a new week, a new month, or a new year.

for all those missionaries, previous missionaries, and future missionaries:

if you think missionary work is a sacrifice you are always going to be miserable and sad. However, if you think missionary work is a priviledge, you will be filled with joy and love…not to mention more success.

i also have one last thing i want to mention…..
please, please, please, MEMBERS OF THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS, remember you are missionaries too. i ask everyone of you to follow the lord’s counsel through his servants and help in the work of salvation. 
be apart of the Great and Marvelous Work that is taking place.
i also ask to not only share the gospel with those who aren’t members, but also help those who are less active or inactive. these people have the gospel in their hands. they have the Lord’s Gospel in the palm of their hands. don’t let them throw it away. help them to remember why they entered the waters of baptism and help them to understand that they only entered through the door…we have to stay on the straight and narrow path in order to enter into God’s Kingdom.

if you want some reading, i read this in personal study and it touched my heart….haha did i just say that?…yep.
2 Nefi 4:15-35

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