February 10, 2014

words of a sister missionary:
this letter is short but i only have a few things to say..
many of us want to believe what we have been taught, what sounds good, and what the majority of our friends or our families believe, but i bear testimony that if you truly want to know the things of God for yourself, you need to:
if you do these things with a sincere heart, with real intent, and faith in Jesus Christ, he will manifest the truth unto you through the power of the holy spirit, which will tell you all things that you must do.
the only person you need to talk to is your Heavenly Father.
the only person you need to be afraid of is Heavenly Father.
it does not matter what the world says, what your friends say, or even what your family says. 
What matters most is that you find the Truth…His Truth. 
The Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
He wants every single one of us to have His Gospel and all the blessings that come with it. but we need to exercise our faith and our love and our trust in Him.
i pray that each one of you will recieve or strengthen your testimony of christ and His Gospel for yourselves. 

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