February 17, 2014

well…. hermana rogers tiene cambios.
and im not sure whether i feel more happiness or more sadness…

-we had this activity where another zone came and did divisions with us in our zone. i went with sister willardson from sandy utah and my compa went with sister alam from Costa Rica…we ended up having a lot of success at finding new people to teach, and therefore im suuper sad with leaving this behind..but i am happy to say i left my area better than i found it!
– im leaving my cute companion, hermana hernandez. we only had 3 weeks together but she was super amazing and a super hardworker…
lastly, im sad to leave all the people i have come to know and love…the members, my converts, my investigators….but also the grandpa on his bike that waves to me every day. the lady at the pulperia by our house who told me i need to stop buying these pastries called picos bc im going to get fat, and the guy who yells : Saaaandwiches, seis cordobaaas.  haha so many friends and so many memories i have here that i am sad to let go.

now, im also happy to have a fresh start in order to meet new people and bring others to the gospel of christ. and i cant wait to tell you guys how my new area, LAS AMERICAS, is!
all i know about my new area is that its more busy and more of a city than chichigalpa. oh, and its close to managua. 
I will also be experiencing my first TRIO. with the mom of hermana behan, hermana najarro and my cute ccm sister, hermana lesher!!!! im a little nervous about a trio bc i like to talk, but im super super excited!
ill be packing after this in order to leave at 5 am to go to chinandega and then managua.. its gonna be a super long night with trying to figure out how to pack all of the stuff i have gotten while here in chichigalpa. we will see.

anywayyyys, about this week….
so the other day my companion and i were eating at hermana ligias house. we had gallo pinto, huevos, and tortillas. as my companion was eating her gallo pinto, she had this horrible face and spit something out on her plate…she then told me that she had found a cucaracha in her gallo pinto. she was literally gagging and i couldnt help but just sit there and laugh. i decided to look at the evidence bc she hadnt actually taken a bit of it and realized that it was not a cucaracha but like a shell of a bean. she stuck to her story and told me she couldnt eat any more and didnt want to be rude so i decided to help her and eat her cucaracha infested gallo pinto…i mean, no one ever died from a little cucaracha, ¿verdad? anyways, she decided to take the “cucaracha” in order to show someone else who confirmed my finding that it was definitely not a cucaracha.

we also moved into a new house last week that i have to say is pretty nice…like with closets and a normal “american bathroom” as the dueña likes to say. but however we couldnt sleep for about 4 days bc the room was too hot and our fans were just blowing hot air. i decided to sleep with our backdoor open, but hermana hernandez didnt like that idea. so we told the owners and they bolted one of those huge fans to our tiny window…like seriously tiny. maybe 2 by 1 ft. but it works… we are now able to sleep with the cool air from outside.

this week we found a cute little old lady who told us that all three of her sons and their families were members. she told us that one lived in miami, one lived in spain, and one lived in managua…she showed us a picture that her son sent us of him and his family at the temple! he bore his testimony on the back!!! she then told us how she had or has cancer and that she has go to managua for a doctors visit…i honestly felt so happy inside bc  i just know everything in her life is pointing toward the gospel. we testified that her family wants her to join the church in order to be a family for eternity. we also testified that she would be able to live with her two deceased children as their mom. we told her that christ wants her to accept the gospel while in this life. i truly testify that i felt we had not just coincidentally found this lady. we found her bc the lord wanted us to. he wants her to have the gospel in her life…. we didnt place a fecha with her, but i feel that if my companion works with her she will accept the gospel and change her mind of accepting the gospel “más adelante”

i testify that we need to not procrastinate the day of our repentance. how would you feel if your child told you they werent going to obey you until later in their life…i would feel horrible! its the exact same with christ. if you wait after college or after you become a parent or get married, you are showing christ you dont truly love him or want to follow him. HE KNOWS YOUR HEART. and when you are infront of him at the judgement seat, you will have to answer to him why you didnt want to follow him the first time and why you wanted to wait.  if you have the gospel in your grasp, do not let it slip away and deny yourself the blessings of the lord for you and your family. 

when christ was looking for his diciples, he told james and john to follow him and he would make them fishers of men. right then…. “IMMEDIATELY” they dropped their nets and followed him. just like this, christ is calling many people to follow him and it pains him to see them reject him…but he and the heavens rejoice when someone accepts this offer and follows him.



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