so….LA is very different from my little pueblo of Chichigalpa.

-more of a city
-less colorful
-more dirty
-more busy
-less foodwhich i am loving except for the fact that our food cita makes the best rice pudding
i really feel like the people here are prepared to hear the Gospel and i cannot wait!
with a new area comes a lot of adjusting.. you have a different ward, different investigators, and a different area that you have to know. im praying that i know this area faster than i knew chichigalpa… chichigalpa had a park in the center which was easy to navigate…i could go to the park and figure out where i needed to go. LA has nothing..its more of a city kind of feel, but we will see, i have faith.
also, with the investigators, its hard being the new person…you get a lot of.. dónde está la otra? o Quien es ella? and because they dont have trust in you yet, they hardly look at you when they talk, so i have had to talk a lot in order to gain their confidence,.
some funny things that happened this week:
we were walking up this hill to a residencial neighborhood and this old grandpma was probably 10 feet infront of us. she turned around and said, “¡este es buena para mi!” and she started running up the hill…after about 20 feet she stopped and started walking. but hey, at least she is trying, right?
also, i was walking past this guy when he said, “I AM HANDSOME!” hahah. the things people say….thanks for letting me know you think you are handsome. i have learne dto not say anything when these men try and talk to me….sometimes i feel mean for not saying anything, but if i say something, my comps tell me they think i like it or them, and we definitely dont want any of those things, so i try not to laugh at the things they say and keep walking.
so i absolutely LOVE my compañera, hermana Najarro, and the mom of hermana behan. i honestly am so grateful for her and her amazing ability to share her testimony and the gospel. she reminds me so much of my aunt, JOSLIN. not only her manerisms but also the way she shares the gospel. she is firm but loving and patient. sometimes we are the opposite bc i like to tell them how it is but she doesnt want to hurt their feelings so she goes about it in a loving and positive manner. also, sometimes we have these conversations about the gospel and i feel like im talking to joslin. it’s crazy, but i am so happy and thankful for her!
one experience i want to share before i leave happened last night when we were eating at this young couple´s house for dinner. their house was in a residential area and was super nice…i forgot what a residential house looked like… anyways, after chatting about the mission life, and after he shared some stories about his mission in panama…he started to thank us for coming to his house to have dinner. At this moment the spirit was super strong as if it was consuming the whole room. he started to cry, his wife too, and told how grateful he was for us and for Obra Msiional (mission work). He told us that he invited us ovber for dinner because he wanted our spirits in his house. he said we have a spirit that nobody else has…only worthy missionaries. he said that our houses need to be like temples and so he tries to make his home  feel like a temple of the lord! he told us that he wanted his house to be filled with the spirit of worthy missionaries and so he invited us for dinner. He told us to work more and share spiritual thoughts more with the members in order to help them continue forward and to help them have the desire to work with us. 
i am so grateful for this experience i have to be a literal representative of jesus christ. to be able to have my hands be his hands! i know with out a doubt that worthy missionaries have a spirit that nobody..not even members of the church have because we have the power and authority from God to preach the Gospel. how great it is to know that this family recognizes our spirits and our love for them! it is nice to be appreciated. 
i ask each of you to make your home a temple of god. how can we do that? well, yes, invite the missionaries over…haha. but also to have your home centered in Christ and His Gospel. i testify that if you do these things, your home will be a home filled with love and happiness. 
con mucho amor,
hermana rogers

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