well, i have some good new and some bad news……

the good news is that i got a haircut.
the bad news is that i got a haircut…
yeah, so i finally gave in and got a haircut from a member bc my ends were fried…whoever said my hair would grow here was wrong. the humidity is great but the sun just scorches it. but anyways, i told the lady only a little bit but she decided six inches was a little bit…my hair is a little bit over my shoulders…
MHMMMMM, YEAH. you heard right. whitney has short hair for the first time in her life. i have mixed emotions right now. its short but healthy. good thing i had her do a blunt trim and not layers….yikes. so…if i do not send pictures of myself, you will know why.
some more good/bad news:
i bought that super cute backpack but i can’t wear it because it smells like a dirty diaper or DAD, the smell of the elk meat processing place…gross, right? im not sure how to get the smell go away.
so i had a great experience over the phone this week… elder echeverria, my district leader from Guatemala was getting our numbers over the phone. this was the day hermana najarro was in maximo, another area, for divisions. he was talking to me about something i needed to do, and i told him that i would talk to hermana najarro about it bc i didn’t know. suddenly, he asked me…is this hermana rogers? yes, elder?…. oh, hermana, i thought i was talking to hermana najarro! your spanish is amazing! great job! haha yes, i felt proud! my spanish is improving every day!!! I LOVE SPANISH! and my gringa accent is slowly but surely improving! im determined to lose it as soon as possible! 
so i have so many things i want to say…i hate that the time goes by so fast!
well, this week made me really grow in my confidence as a spanish speaking gringa and what it means to work hard play hard. in my prayers this week, i had asked the lord to help me to realize that i am a helping in hastening the work and that i am making a difference. i have two experiences… this week we had divisions with our TL’s. the day before, presidente collado gave us goals: 15 references, one baptism date with a family, and 3 lessons with a member/friend. and this is ALL in one day! well, i found out that i was to stay in my area and have hermana bernards as my companion…. A gringa from layton who has been on the mission for three weeks. i prayed and prayed for the lord to help us achieve these goals and to be able to work well together. well, as anyone knew on the mission would do, hermana bernards introduced herself and that was about it. which who can blame her? but not only did she help me see that i am bilingual in spanish…not only can understand but speak spanish, she also taught me to have fun during the work! we were laughing and seeing who we could contact.. we worked until the last minute to achieve our goals! i thank my heavenly father for answering my prayers, through hermana bernards, the answers to my prayers. 
second, was that i received a letter from hermana hernandez, my last companion in chichigalpa. she told me about how the members and recent converts were..but she also informed me about two people i had contacted were. she told me that they visited them and after gaining their confidence, each of them told the missioneries the difficulties in their lives and that they wanted to change. well, they both have baptism dates this week! i was thinking and felt sad that i wouldn’t be there to see them baptized but i couldn’t help but think that i was the one who contacted them! i knocked on their door and told them about the message of the gospel. how blessed i am to know that i am making a difference in people’s lives here in the country of nicaragua. how blessed i am to be a representative christ, to have the gospel, and to be a child of my heavenly father.
well, i cant send pics bc my camera needs to be charged…until next week.
pues, les amo mucho, mi familia y amigos! espero que tengan un buena semana y que Dios les bendiga.
con mucho amor, hermana rogers

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