March 17, 2014

family and friends, i had a pretty chill weekend i have to say.

i had the amazing experience to attend the marriage and baptism of my cute investigator family: JORGE Y DANIA.
i have to say this family is truly special.
Jorge is super funny…i mean, you can’t go a minute without laughing about something. same with dania…you can tell their life is full of laughter. they have 3 cute kids: Ronald, Jorgito, y julissa that i just love.
the experiences with this family have been super special for me: the lessons, the marriage and baptism, but i have to say, the best experience was seeing them the day after their baptism. the way they just glowed! we taught a lesson about the scriptures and began to read the introduction of the book of mormon and explaining the history and difficult words, and they were just eating it up! dania had a pen and paper to  write down everything we were saying. jorge had read the introduction for homework and was telling us all that he had learned! it was great to see their desire and their faith growing! how they wanted to understand and study in order to gain a deeper understanding and stronger testimony!
oh how i know that this church is true! how i know that this is the same gospel and same church that was established by jesus christ. yes, jesus christ established his church once again upon the earth through his servant, the prophet joseph smith. i know that baptism by water and of fire ( holy ghost ) with the power and authority from god is only the door we enter through in order to obtain the blessing of the gospel and start on our path to eternal life. how great i am to be apart of helping people enter this door. i know that baptism is not all, but that we need to perservere siempre. that we need to keep nourishing our faith and conversion. and have the goal of ging through the temple to make deeper and more sacred covenants with the lord and receive greater blessings!
so my other super chill thing that i did, was get to see a sattelite broadcast from the beautiful salt lake city! it was broadcasted to all of the countries in central america! elder martino, elder martino of the seventy, richard g scott, of the 12 apostles, bonnie l oscarson, the president of the young women, and dallin h oaks of the 12 apostles spoke. my oh my how i love listening to servants of the lord!
by the way, anyone know that richard g scott can speak español?? si, es la verdad.
so i want to points that each of them mentioned….
 elder martino….
 talked about habits that we NEED to have:
personal AND family prayer
personal AND family scripture study
-share your findings so that the family can be strengthened together
FAMILY HOME EVENING…almost put hoe. hahah
-allows the children to see that their parents have testimonies and can teach the gospel as well as learning more and increasing their faith.
-allows a person to have a lot more opportunities in life.
we will be more unified as a family when we have these habits
elder scott…
 our most important calling is to be a parent******
parents have a responsibility to teach their children the gospel.
bonnie oscarson…
our purpose in this life: follow the steps of the savior and become like him.
i know that we have the capability to be like the savior. yes, he was perfect, but he has once said that we need to be like him. and i know if we strive to follow him and develop his attributes we can be like him.
CHARITY when we help others we forget about ourselves and our problems. 
i, hermana rogers, testify to that!!!
Dallin H oaks…
WOW, he covered a lot.
when we understand our relationship with christ and heavenly father, we understand our relationship with others and how they need to be.
we live in difficult times and WE NEED TO HAVE THE SPIRIT IN OUR LIVES.
he is our help and direction to help us overcome our trials.
the spirit helps us every moment of the day if we trust and use him.
one way we can renew our worthiness is by repenting and partaking of the santa cena. when we renew our covenants each week to follow the savior and to obey him, he promises us the spirit! and when we have the spirit, we can overcome any trial, difficulty, or weakness!
things we see: temporal
things we dont see: spiritual and eternal
there is a culture of the GOSPEL. we are to drop the traditions and practices of our culture and do or act on the culture of the gospel.
 i want each and everyone of you to know that i know this church is the church of jesus christ! i know my savior lives and he loves me.  i love the blessings of the scriptures and how i can search them and increase in my conversion and faith in christ and his gospel. i am thankful for the bible and its truth, and i am also thankful for the book of mormon which is perfect in every way and helps us to understand more about christ and his gospel. i am thankful for the authority and power of god…the priesthood, which makes possible to bind things on earth as well as for eternity. im thankful for the prophet and apostles that help christ direct his church.How very grateful i am for the commandments of god that are to help us live a life with more happiness and joy. im thankful for temples, which are houses of the lord where we can find peace and get away from the world. im grateful for the covenants i can make with god and the amazing blessings i can receive from those covenants. and i say these things in the name of jesus christ. amen.
by the way, i tear up every time i see my temple in salt lake and i see my beautiful state of utah! shout to all my loves in the states! yall are amazing!
and i have heard some sad news about people that i love…i want you to know that i will continue to pray for yall. may heavenly father comfort yall and yalls families in this time of need!
les quiero muchisimo
 con mucho amor, 
su hermana en cristo, hermana rogers

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