May 12, 2014

well, family and friends.

we had changes today and i received hermana behan’s old companion: hermana lopez from guate
i dont know why but the lord sees fit to give me every companion that hermana behan has had…
well, okay…maybe he could give me hermana behan as a companion. sería LA LEY.

well, this week our family came to church on sunday. we have juan josé and marjorie. juan josé is 55 and has a lot of problems with diabetis and marjorie is 27. they are such a cute family and seem to want to know more and more about the gospel. they have a date for baptism but need to come to church more.
one thing that really touched me was that after 2 weeks we finally got them to come to church. juan has crutches and has been in and out of the hospital but finally decided to walk to church with us. we actually arrived an hour early because we thought he would need a lot of time. so we gave them a tour of the building. as we were waiting for church to start, he leaned over to me and said, this has been the first time in 7 years that i have been in a church. i started to get a little teary eyed. i knew that the lord was please that he acheived his goal to come to His church.

i cant help but feel joy as i am bringing more and more people unto christ.

a lot of the time people reject us just like they rejected jesus but if i am doing my part i cant help but feel joy and hope that i planted a seed and helped them draw closer to christ in some way.

one thing that was great today was that i got to be companions with hermana hawkin and behan for a couple of hours!!! ccm sister reunited!!!!

well, i love you guys. there is not much to say!

hermana rogers


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