June 23 2014

well, hello.

i have officially started my 8th change on my mission and i found out yesterday that i will continue to spend my time in the area of Las Mercedes with hermana Cole! yayyyy!

funny stories,…

i dont know how we got on the conversation but i was at lunch and the dad just asked if i liked n******. well, apparently that isnt a bad word here. or maybe it is. idk.

we have been receiving a lot of rain lately! today it has just rained and rained. hermana cole and i now have a little collection of umbrellas from all the members that have lended us umbrellas. but now that we know the rain has officially started in nicaragua. we will be bringing them with us every day!

hermana behan, my sister from the mtc is offically in my district! POR FIN. like we have been dying to be in the same zone let alone the same area! im always the farthest away from the girls…until now! im super excited to have her! she is not too happy about being in managua but i know she will learn to love it. many people including me would rather be in the little pueblos rather than in the capital but i actually love managua. going on my 4th change here!

also, hermana pochop is the first gringa EVER in the history of our misison to go to puerto cabezas… a pueblo on the east coast where the people speak mosquito. way cool!

a ton of the veterans are going home which is super sad to see. in the next three changes we will lose approximately 82 missionaries…..and like 50 percent are leaders. so we will have a lot of shoes to fill! exciting!

hm….let me see. what else.


so we are teaching this cute family. there names are anabel and silvio. i dont know if i have mentioned them before but i just love them!!!! okay, i think i have mentioned them!
well, anabel has a fecha, but they still have some things we got to take care of! the main one is to get an answer that this is Christ´s church, but i know they will if they are patient and diligent and have faith. they are going to church and have made friends with a lot of the members. and ijust know that the Lord has so much in store for them.
during the sacrament meeting…we were just listening to the talks and all the sudden anabel pulls out her Gospel Principles book and starts reading about prophets. then, she pulls out her Book of Mormon and starts reading….and i just couldnt help but tear up and think about all the knowledge she can recieve and all the blessings she can recieve from having the Church of Jesus Christ in her life. how i cannot wait to see that day.

i have also been thinking a lot about this:
are you going to decide who you want to be and deliberately work for it or are you going to go with the flow and be what life makes you accidentally.

well, i truly have a testimony of goal setting.
if you never set goals, you will never progress.
and if you dont work toward and do everything in your power to acheive that goal, you will never progress.
like sports….if you never have a goal of shooting 100 freethrows during practice, you will never reach your goal of being 100 percent.
you have to have a goal and then a plan to reach that goal.

i have truly seen in my life that i am lazy…honestly. i want everything to just happen. if i say a little prayer, i expect it to happen, and if it doesnt i get mad…but like…how selfish! seriously.
i can say that i have learned that complaining and waiting is just plain wrong. period. i need to act. i need to do my very best to complete the goals i have and the lord will do the rest. i cant just say im a disciple of christ. i cant just say that i want success. i cant just say that some day i will achieve the things i want to achieve.

i challenge everyone to make a new goal in their life…it can be simple. it can be related to the Gospel. it can be a hobby. a talent. whatever it may be, i ask you all to make a goal according to the Lord`s will and do everything to achieve it. i promise you all that as me make goals and achieve them, we all will be shaped into the people we are destined to be.

hm…..well.. this is my council for this week. i read in alma 30. read it. its super dee duperdy good. lolz.

pues, hasta lunes, mis queridos.

hermana rogers


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