July 14, 2014

pues….hola, mis norteamericanos!

¿Qué tal? ¿Cómo les va?

this week has been another week in the service of the Lord.

on wednesday, i had the opportunity to have an interview with the most amazing president ever: President Collado…and i must say that i never seem to be calm when i enter an interview with him. i don’t know why, but when it comes to people of higher authority, i always have the butterflies in my stomach!
i am amazed every time i talk to President and i always get the confirmation that he is called of God. He let me talk for 6 minutes about anything i wanted…i shared what i had learned in my personal study and then asked him a few questions i had on my mind. He then began to answer my questions and then told me that i have been doing a marvillious work not only in the service of the Lord, but also with my companion. and then he dropped the bomb on me….
he told me to prepare hermana cole because i was going to leave her but that i also need to prepare myself to train this next change!!
i can honestly say i had a ton of different emotions….i dont want to leave cute hermana cole, but im happy for the new assignment the Lord has for me! now i am just savoring every minute i have left with hermana cole and preparing for my new journey with my other daughter! oh. how i love the mission. it honestly prepares you for life. my time here really isn’t “the best 18 months.” it is the best 18 month preparantion for the best life.
i love my mission, and i love the life that the lord has blessed me with!! how we must live our life to the fullest by doing the will of the Father. and as we do this, we will have the sweet promise of having blessings poured out upon us, even miracles, and having everything we can imagine and more in the life to come! we all have the opportunity to see miracles in our lives. how we must trust and rely on the lord. give him your all, and you will find yourself.
wise words from hermana behan:
if we even knew the potential we all truly have, we would astound ourselves.

find, use, and develop the talents the Lord has for us!

so anabell and silvio have been out of town this week…so we haven’t been able to teach them.
we have been concentrating on finding more families and using references from members.i honestly can say it has been such a blessing to have the help of the members these past 2 weeks! please, help the missionaries! the work is hastened so much faster with your help!
we had some other families that were lovely, but they weren’t willing to accept the gospel at this time, so we planted the seed, and hopefully it will grow for the future missionaries.
i have to admit, sometimes it is so hard to let people go…especially the ones you have truly grown to love and have such a friendship with, but i know that the lord is preparing them to accept it in the future! i love this picture down here and i know that it is so true!!!!

our heavenly father has devised means to save EACH of his children!


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