August 4, 2014

hi family and friends.

well hermana cole left me in las mercedes and she went to villa flor…. goodness, i will miss her!!!

so i will be training this next two changes and i get my hija tomorrow…
which i am super excited about except that i got sick last night. i literally had the chills so bad that i was shivering without my fan on. yeah, i thought i was in the rocky mountains in the middle of winter instead of the hot nicaragua. this is the first time tht i have gotten sick sick on the mission and i dont like it at all! i feel like im reliving our family reunion in estes park colorado…minus the throw up. so this was kind of a low blow to start a new change….all i feel like doing is sleeping. i cant even take ten steps without feeling dizzy. but all i can do is take medicine and hope that the lord takes this sickness away from me fast! how sad would it be for my hija to be stuck at our house for a couple days on her first week of the mission…..sad.

im dizzy and have the chills right now so im just gonna say:

i love you guys and i will talk to yall next week.
please pray that i get over my sickness fast!!!

read the book of mormon!


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