July 28, 2014

hi my loves.

this week has been a week full of talking. i mean i thought i talked a lot but this week my mouth just hurt from all the talking we did. president has asked us that we contact 10 families a day and i have to say it has been pretty tough but do-able. when you talk with a lot of families and people, you truly are able to discern who really is prepared right now to receive the gospel and who isn’t! we have talked to many people who i am excited to work with but…
this could be my last week in las mercedes which im kindof nervous! i really don’t want to leave hermana cole and i really don’t want to leave my area. they are the best!!

i have been talking a lot with the Lord and would like to share an experience. in the morning, i was studying in 1 samuel of the old testament. didnt know why but quickly found out.
i decided to read my scriptures at 630 am instead of working out….i thought, hmm, i just really want to a little of the old testament bc i havent been reading it. well, as i was reading, the lord kinda gave me a little eye opening. i read about Saul and how he lost his kingdom.
-he offered a sacrifice without the the authority instead of waiting for samuel to get there. he was nervous because the philistines were coming and wanted to make supplication to the lord.
-he did not destroy all of the amalekites but kept their animals to sacrifice unto the Lord.

in both of these cases it seems to me like he really wanted to do things for the Lord but was willing to do them his way instead of obeying exactly what the Lord said….
and he was stripped of the kingdom!

i love what the Lord says: TO OBEY IS BETTER TO SACRIFICE.
something might sound better in your eyes but we need to do the Lord’s will…well, we need the Lord’s will to be our will!

so as i read this at 630, i realized that even though i was reading my scriptures, i was not obeying with exactitud!

please read richard g scott’s talk from last conference, it is so good!

the lord is our example of complete and exact obedience.
we cannot be selectively obedient and do some of the things he asks, but we need to be EXACTLY OBEDIENT.

we are not only to come unto Christ but we are to FOLLOW Him Forever!!!!!!!!!!

let us all follow the example of Christ and be exactly obedient so that we accept the sacrifice he made for us and we can make safely back home to our Father in Heaven!


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