August 25, 2014



so this week has been a great week!

our cute miguel got baptized on Saturday! he is in his sixties and there was absolutely no way that we met him by accident! iwas with hermana cole and we were contacting a house right in front of him but when they never came to the door i turned around and saw a cute old guy sitting in his recliner chair reading a book…so i decided to talk to him. after we were established as missionaries, he had told us that he studied with “the mormons” thirty years ago but then the civil war broke out and he went to fight. he told us that he liked talking to the elders but he was kinda stubborn at the time. He even knows many members who had invited him to church but he always turned them down… then, after the lesson he told us that his glass has been empty for sometime but that after he had spoken to us and had felt the spirit, he could fill his glass filling up more and more. now there were two indicators that i just truly knew the Lord had chosen him: he came to church by himself two days later, and he accepted a baptism date in the second lesson! One phrase that i love from him is: i feel good with the mormons. haha. he would say that every time we came to his house. it was cute and funny.
so ever since the first lesson, we have been trying to get his wife to listen to us but they have a business at their house and sell food and house products…pues, a venta… and so she always said that she needed to tend the venta even on sundays so she couldnt go to church. well, yesterday she showed up to the baptism of her husband and told us that she would like to receive the messages from us!
how very blessed i am to be a servant of the lord at bringing his children to the knowledge of the gospel! and how my testimony is strengthened every time a person receives an answer that this church is the church of jesus christ. miguel would said, “now i have entered in through the straight and narrow gate, i cannot go back. i cannot gogo off the path. i must continue forward following the lord and cultivating the seed that has been planted!” isnt he just great? love this man!

next we had a family to complete: an 11 year old girl was baptized and we reactivated her mom! such a smart little girl she is and how big her desire to serve the lord is. even though this family gives me so much stress bc they are absolutely always late! but love her!

hermana lobos completed 1 month on the mission and for a present i got two returned missionaries who served in el salvador to make pupusas with us for her present! it was so fun! pupusa is a famous dish that they eat in el salvador. you prepare the maseca, which is corn, and fill the top with any meat or cheese or beans, then you close it, make it flat like a patty, and grill it! YUMMMMMM. IT IS TO DIE FOR!!!

so im sorry that i havent sent pictures in forever! i keep forgetting my camara….but i promise to send them next week!!!

i love you all so much AND i love my Savior!!


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