hola, mis norte americanos.

so the weeks just keep going by faster and faster…it’s freaking me out.

the first change with my daughter has come to an end and i was glad to know that i would be finishing her training! i have learned so much these past 4 changes as a trainer and i honestly would love to train the rest of my misison!
i also have the great news that i will be staying in my area for one more change! that will make my time here: 7 months! and honestly, it has been great! i love my area and i love the people!

i just want to share my testimony of the scripture mosiah 18: 8-9. i am so very grateful to my young woman leaders and all the young women in my midland 1st ward who never stopped visiting me and inviting me to activities. i extend the invitation to each and everyone of you to go help someone who hast lost their way…who was once on the iron rod but got lost in the midst of darkness or went to the great and spacious building! they need us to help them get back on the rod in order to partake of the fruit of the tree of life! if you have offended someone in the church or anyone for that matter, seek to make it right! do not let them say that they didn’t keep hold of the rod because others pushed them off! we all need to help eachother make it back home!!!

that is all for now…

know that i love each and every one of you!!!!

con mucho amor,
hermana whit.


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