hola mis norteamericanos!

well, this week was such a great one with a ton of miracles!

so i had the opportunity to work in my old area: las americas 2 for a day with my daughter and hermana willardson’s daughter, hermana palencia. so in other words i had two daughters for a day! it was super fun!
we decided to go and visit my family, jorge and dania, to see how they were! i hadnt seen jorge at church for a while! when i got there, i was just so happy to see them but was shocked when dania told me that jorge would only except us because i was there…i had to find out what had happened…..apparently he had been offended by some of the members of the church and for that reason said he was never going to go back. i just sat there and cried. he told us all that had happened and i prayed so hard for the lord to help to know what to say. he told me he knew why he was baptized and that he knows this is the true church but he didnt understand why these men were being such bad examples for the church. at this time i began to tell him all that was on my heart. i reminded him about the covenants he made and the covenants he will make in the temple! he and dania began to cry. i couldnt help but see the sadness in dania’s face as jorge told us his story but then the tears turned into joy and hapiness as the lord spoke to them through me. after this, jorge told me that he would go to church for the lord, for his family, and for him. through this experience, i can truly testify that the lord puts us in situations and places for a reason! i know that i was in that area for only that day not just because hermana willy had a meeting but because jorge and dania needed me. i know that if we are worthy, the lord will use us as instruments in his hands and we can touch the hearts of so many people through the holy spirit!
i will never believe in casualidades….sorry i forgot the word in english. i know that everything happens for a reason. how grateful i am to be a missionary for the church of jesus christ and a representative of jesus christ himself. i am so grateful to have the blessing of the spirit who guides me every day to the people who need the gospel.
hermana lobos and i are doing great and trying to find more families and people to teach!
i just love the mission. i want the time to stop.
i hope all you women get the chance to watch the women general conference! it was amazing! especially the talk by uchtdorf!

also, i invite each of you to invite someone to general conference this weekend and allow them to get the chance to see and know that thomas s monson is the living prophet today and that this church is the church of jesus christ!


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