NOV 3, 2104

hola mis nortes!!

leon is amazing and the ward is awesome…it was a little weird on sunday after being in managua for 8 months. i was kinda lost with all the new faces that i saw! there are a ton of returned missionaries in this ward too so im looking forward to putting them back to work!

okay, so again, i am still being amazed everyday at the amount of white people i see… it freaks me out. today we went to the center of leon and got to go to la colonia which is a super market and i must say that i was in awe…it was better than the one in managua. it had pita bread, goat cheese, pears, almond milk, and pizza rolls!! all that a girl could ask for.
seriously i just love leon and the feel of this pueblo. it is just beautiful!! next week we are gonna check out the museum and maybe the cathedral.

so today i completed 14 months on my mission….and i just cant believe it! i dont even know what to think… hermana gonzalez and the two lopez took me to eat at a chinese restaurant…and i have to say it was pretty darn good especially with chile. jaja the plate of rice was bigger than shoguns or hunans.

so this week with hermana lopez, i have really been trying to focus on my faith and dilligence! and i have seen the results! every lesson was filled with the spirit as we searched for guide of the spirit. after each day, hermana lopez kept telling me…we saw a ton of miracles today. these people hardly listen to us but for some reason and all of the sudden they are super positive. i know without a doubt if we wait and let the spirit guide us and ask inspired questions, we will say and ask exactly what the investigators need to be able to receive a conversion and testimony! i love the spirit and love that if the missionaries AND the investigators are willing to let the spirit into their hearts, they will feel the truth of this mesage! i asked one lady what she would say or do if the lord said in this moment, come and follow me. she looked at me and said i feel as if he is asking me this through you. i couldnt help but get teary eyed as i knew the lord was using me as an instrument in his hands! i know without a doubt that the lord blesses us as we strive to have the companionship of the spirit. this is the most important and valuable gift we can have as children of god and as we go on in this life!
let us all strive to have this constant guide that we received by being baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of god. and let us strive to keep it at every second.

con mucho amor,
hermana rogers


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