OCT 13, 2014

hola mis nortes.

this week has been great and full of finding new people to teach. it’s amazing that in 6.5 months i still have the opportunity to talk with people that i have never seen.

so this week i have learned a great lesson from an investigator…

many times we think that we can’t complete something that the lord has asked of us.
many times we think it is too demanding or too hard.
maybe we think that only the goodygoods can complete.

However, God made each one of us in His Image.
he knows our weaknesses, or burdens, our temptations, and our pains.
he also knows our strengths, our talents, and our potencial.

i know that each commandment is for our benefit in order to prepare us for an eternity with our heavenly father, jesus christ and our families.

And he knows we can complete. every single one of his children can complete his commandments. however, he gives our agency and our accountability.

obedience brings blessings.
never forget to remember which way you face.
never forget that we are accountable to god and not man.

And as we know the things that we must do, let us do them.
con amor,
hermana whit


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