OCT 20, 2014

hello my nortes.
so the weeks just keep going by faster and faster…its freaking me out.

also pretty interesting: we have had a lot of rain and a huge scary earthquake…..but it was super cool especially living on the second story.
this week we have found quite a few families and had the opportunity to meet patricia y eduardo.
we were going to stop by a part member house in a residencial area but when they werent home, we decided to go ahead and contact. patricia and her husband were watching a movie together after a long day at work…i was hesitant to contact them but knew the spirit was telling me i needed to. we started talking to her and felt prompted to ask her if we could come back and share a message about jesus christ. she told us that we could but that her husband works a lot and that we could come back and just teach her…i decided to ask if we could share the message with them right now. she asked her husband and he said sure. the lesson was filled with the spirit and a lot of interaction. at the end of the lesson they said they wanted to visit the church website to watch the conference and see if president monson really is a true prophet of god. i have a great feeling about them and look forward to talking to them tonight!

miguel and mayra are still amazing! i seriously just love them! every sunday, miguel asks us if we have brought any investigadores so he can meet them! we are actually putting together a video of all the converts in the word bearing their testimonies and their experience. im super excited to see it!

president has been pushing on us getting better at teaching. we actually are having to get certified in the lessons and have to meet certain requirements. what i love about the new way that we are teaching is that there is more interaction with the investigators or contacts! i have learned to ask inspired questions that make them think, reflect, feel, and apply. i so wish i would hae learned this way of teaching when i first got on my mission! it is so effective to be able to really understand their needs!
i bear testimony that as we come in contact with people every day, we can always share something about the gospel. during church, the gospel principles teacher asked us to share something we remember about our dad when we were little… i thought and couldnt help but think about how every story that comes out of my dads mouth, a principle of the gospel of jesus christ always follows! doesnt matter if it is a story about sports, hunting, or the mission. i love the fact that we can always share a truth in every moment of every day! and i know that as we are worthy of the spirit, he will give us just the words we need to say in order to help the people around us! i know this gospel is true and all our brothers and sisters need it in there lives! no matter where you are, who they are, or what you are doing, everyone needs to know a little bit more about the love of the savior.

hermana lobos finishes her training next week and after being in las mercedes for 7 months, i think it is my time to leave…i have mixed feelings and am sure going to miss all of the people i have met and all the relationships i have formed, and i am excited to see where i am going to die (end my mission).


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