OCT 30, 2014

hola mis nortes…hermana rowhairs is here chillin in LA VILLA LEON.

the lord saw fit to take me out of las mercedes and put me in the area where hermana behan was born!! AND i am super excited!! i already love leon! i cannot express in words how great it is to be back in a pueblo with dirt roads! awhhh, finally!!

well, i cant write to much bc i am basically out of time….but here are some fun things that have happened today

-i ate my first burger today in 14 months!
-i am back in the same zone as my girl, hermana gonzalez
-i am with a different hermana lopez who is from mexico
-i have never seen so many cheles in my life!!!! chele means a white person!!! they are everywhere…more than managua! and i dont know why but all the tourists look super dirty and unclean…i mean, just because you are in nicaragua does not mean you can skip your shower!!
-my area has a ton of cathedrals. leon has the most catholic cathedrals than cualquier otro pais en centroamerica

i was so sad to leave las mercedes but i know that the lord has a purpose for me here in leon!!! i am so determined and motivated to find and teach and baptize!!!! yayayyyyyyy!

the saying goodbyes in las mercedes was super hard…especially with miguel and mayra! we all were bawling and my heart just broke when i saw this big and buff old man cry!!!…..it was precious and i will never forget it! however, he said that he didnt join the church for us…he joined it for the lord. he joined it because he found the truth.

i am so happy and grateful that the lord trusts me and uses me as an instrument in his hands to work miracles.

i love him and know he lives. he knows me. even my name.

here is to another chapter on my journey as a missionary here in nicaragua. i cant wait!

con mucho amor,
hermana rogers!


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