OCT 6, 2014

hola mis nortes.

so you are not going to believe this but as i am writing you, i am soaking wet from the rain and wearing a sweatshirt. also, while i sleep at night, i have to use a big blanket or i am cold. like what is this?? i feel like i am a true nica now.

hermana lobos and i had a fun day with our zone! we cooked pupusas, made oreo shakes, and played mafia. it was chill.

i can honestly say i will NEVER forget this conference…..
i received so many answers to my prayers.
now, we all must put into practice what the lord has told us.
how very grateful i am for a prophet of god who helps us have an unbreakable faith and hope in jesus christ and helps us to always stay on the path that leads us to the savior. i know he is called of god and leads this church through revelation from jesus christ himself!

i invite all to watch the conference if you missed it…. and promise that you will find exactly what you need to hear in order to change and be more like christ!


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