December 15, 2014

hola mis nortes!

so seriously, hermana lopez and i have just had an amazing week! we really tried hard to work on being obedient in the little things and we have seen the difference! i truly testify that as we are obedient, the lord will bless us with the spirit who is a constant companion to lead us through a world full of temptations and challenges that constantly try to kick us off the the road that leads to eternal life (or the iron rod that leads to the tree of life). however, when we are worthy and have the spirit with us, we will be able to know the truth of all things. but why is this important? why do we need to know the truth of all things? well because we will be able to receive the power and wisdom to live in the way that the lord desires that we live,to make good decisions, to serve faithfully, and to become like him! i am so happy that the lord is willing to give this precious and most important gift! and i have seen the blessings in my life as i preach his gospel.

this week we were led to about 4 people that are truly chosen people of the lord! as the spirit directed, we talked to them about how the gospel blesses families and how we wanted to share a message with them that would strengthen their own family. 3 persons in different ocassions started to cry and said we could come back to talk to their family and the 4th person started crying as we stated that we are here to help people come unto christ through repentance and baptism and asked her if there was something she would like to change in her life. she then started sobbing and said she would love for us to come on tuesday to talk more with her.

i cant help but feel so blessed that the lord is using me and hermana lopez as his instruments. i know that i am doing absolutely nothing. im just the lords hands in bringing his children to the knowledge of the truth!

i hope we all can strive to have this constant guide in our lives in order to reach our divine potential.

con mucho amor,
hermanita rogers

i met some spaniards in the street.
a drunk guy yelled PHARISEEE in front of a huge group of catholics….
working to get some baptisms soon!!


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