December 23, 2014

F E L I Z N A V I D A D !
can you all believe its christmas??
where did the time fly?…

so this last week hermana lopez and i were able to see some miracles:
one of the miracles was being able to bring 10 people and 3 families to church this past sunday! how blessed we were to be led to 2 of these families on thursday and they ALL came! and two of the families accepted a date to be baptized in january! how very blessed we are to be able to be instruments in His Hands and bring these people unto Him!

so yesterday we had our christmas activity as a mission where we watched a movie, had a talent and muscial show, and a testimony meeting. it was so fun to see a whole bunch of new faces and be able to visit with old friends!!! one thing about the mission is the gift of having so many wonderful friends! missionary friends and member friends that i hope will last a lifetime!!
i hope everyone has a wonderful and memorable and unforgetable christmas by putting christ at the center of their holiday! remember HE IS THE GIFT.

con mucho amor,
hermana rogers


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