December 8, 2014

hiii, mis nortes.

so right now my eyes hurt i am so tired….why?
well, LA PURISIMA was yesterday.
i would like describe it as a mix of halloween and christmas!
catholic members celebrate this holiday to comemorate Mary by putting statues of maria and a whole bunch of lights outside of their houses. then people come and sing or yell “holy maria” and the owners of the house give them candy.

then during the whole night they let off bombs or fireworks…seriously i felt like i was in a battlefield….the bombs continue but i dont think i will hear them through the night!….

so obvi christmas is still not the same as i am used to but im excited for another nica christmas…itll be great!

i am still with la lopez and have officially started my second to last change! i cant believe it……but i just love and enjoy every minute!!!

so this week was great but a little hard to contact people and bring them to church due to the gritaria…..but we have some pretty special families that we are teaching.

carmen and her family are doing amazing and will be baptized this week!
i hope everyone loved the christmas devotional! if not…please see it!!!!
let us all make christmas a little more spiritual this year and remeber why we celberate it!!!

that is it for now…dont have much time!

los quiero mucho!!!!!!!


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