January 6, 2015

hiiii, mis queridos.

well, i dont have much time but id jsut like to share a few experiences with you all.

so we had a family with a baptism date fall through…they went to church but all of the sudden, the wife just told us that she did not want us to come over and that she did not like the mormon religion…
i felt so bad because i had found that family and i truly thought they were a chosen family ..they were so positive,…. but we cant make anyone come unto christ if they dont want to…

i have been thinking and pondering so much as to the book of mormon.

however, put a baptism date with another family who is super positive despite their trials they are having at this moment. their names are ana and fransisco! we met them and contacted them with the book of mormon…which lets us know if they are positive of not..they accepted the invitation to come over another day to explain more about this book!
we talked to them about the pattern that God has given us to know what Church is his. the scriptures are actually guides to find out the organization of the church and that the same organization of christs church is found today with prophets and apostles. they just knew it was true. they then asked about baptism in the church of jesus christ fo latter day saints. we then did 3 invitations about church, baptism and reading! they accepted and we left.
the next day which was sunday…they didnt arrive at the 8 oclock service so we went to pass by and take them to the 10 oclock which is really when we go! they just wanted to go at 8….but didnt. anyways, ana told us that she went and took a bible from someone else and started to read all the scriptures in the bible that are i the pamphlet. she said she knew what we had told her was true…she just was a little scared to take a step and go to church. however, she and her kids came with us!! her husband had to work but he is super positive too and we are working with him! i will let you all know how it goes!

i bear witness that the book of mormon is the word of god and can change the lives of all of those who put it to the test and act accordingly to the promise that the lord has given us to truly know if it is true!
how greateful i am for this book and the love i have for my savior because of it!!

as you all might know…. i turned the big 21 yesterday…carzy, right? i cant beleive it. anyways, president planned a super pday with the zone of villa flor and leon! we went to a place called león viejo and took pictures of the volcano momotombo! it was a great way to spend my birthday: with some amazing friends and family! i will post some pictures next week!
con amor,
hermana rogers


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