November 17, 2014

hola mis nortes,
hope everyone has had a great week…
i received the amazing news that three of my cute cousins are getting married. pando, engaged in two months…i think that should go down in the record books! haha. im kinda bummed that i dont get to meet your fiances before the big day but i trust that each of your fiances picked an amazing husband! awhhh, i just want to cry right now…

but anyways, enough of trunkyness…oh wait, i recieved my “trunky papers” this week which is all the information the secretary wants to get me a plane ticket home…holy…i dont want to leave. i have so much more to learn and so much to do still!!!

so more about leon:
i am super tan…with a wicked farmers tan.
i have a house and not just a little room.
i have news friends who are JWs from sweden.
i have new friends from north carolina.
i found a tarantula in our house.
the beach is like 30 minutes away.
i have made some life long friendships.

so these past two weeks have been rough in our area….
the trouble here is that everyone receives us but getting a family or person to act has been pretty tough…its been a lot of dropping…finding….dropping….and more findingbut we have been dedicated to pray and fasting in order to find the people that the angels of the lord are preparing to receive his gospel.

-saturday at like 9 at night, we were walking to take a member home from working with us when we saw a family and knew we had to talk to them. the wife started to tell us that she was looking to find a church to congregate…her and her sons. she told us her 9 year old just loves to go to church and learn but she hasnt found a church that has filled her soul. We told her that we were representatives of jesus christ and were sent to help her find the way the truth and the life through the gospel of jesus christ. she told us that we could pass by for her in the morning.
so we had 7 families promised to go to church…passed by each one and they all either said they were too tired or didnt answer the door. so we went to church hoping that someone would show up…but after 40 minutes in the church we left to go find someone and bring them to church.
with our faith super high and knowing that the spirit would direct us…we talked to a few people but then we had the feeling to return to the house of the lady…. she told us that she wasnt ready but that she would hurry and shower and come. we waited and came to the church just in time for relief society!…..SHE LOVED IT! and asked us when we were going to come to her house to teach her!….
-also on sunday in the afternoon we found a family with two twin babies and they are just so positive. the husband was like i want what is best for my family..i dont drink i dont smoke and i just want to know what i can do to be a better dad! we are going back in the night time!
i know without a doubt that with prayer and fasting and dilligence, the lord will use us as instruments in his hands! iam looking forward to see how the lord will help these poeple come unto him and aceept and live his gospel!

i love being a missionary and seeing how the lord uses us to complete his purposes!!!
never get down! never get discouraged bc this is when you lose your faith!!!

i love you all and know that i pray for all of you at every moment of the day!!

let us all be instruments in His Hands.

hermana rogers.


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