Coming Home!



February 16, 2015

​hola hola!

pues, hay muchas personas, las cuales aprecio mucho, que cumplen años en febrero…y pues, feliz cumpleaños a mi mamita y mi abuelito!

abuelito: gracias por ser un gran ejemplo de devoción al evangelio de jesucristo. y gracias por tener un infinto amor hacia su Salvador que fluye a los corazones de sus hijos, nietos, y bisnietos! le amo!

mamita: no te puedo decir cuanto te amo! gracias por ser un ejemplo en mi vida de una mujer que nunca se da por vencida. gracias por su amor y por ser la mejor mamita del mundo! besitos. te amo mucho!

pues, this week was a week filled with love and happiness!


the cute ana and her son were baptized this saturday and confirmed on monday!
i honestly have to say that this woman is such a example to me with her desire to follow the Savior’s example and enter the waters of baptism no matter what stands in her way.

we met ana and her boyfriend? outside of their house and she was smoking a cigarette (which we didn’t know at the time bc she hid it from us…dont know why we didnt smell it…). we contacted them using the book of the mormon and they accepted another visit. i honestly feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to know this family especially ana. after teaching the word of wisdom, she stopped smoking and drinking. after her boyfriend left her and her 3 kids, she searched for a job and found one in order to provide for her family. after hearing comments from her family and friends that she was a hypocrite and and comments about the church, she went forward with faith in her savior and his promises and continued to share the gospel with her family. after hearing negative things from her boss, she went to the scriptures and found true answers.
what an example!

ana has progressed so fast but was waiting to feel sure about her decision. and what is amazing is that she didnt wait for an answer…she went and looked for it! she read 3 or 4 liahonas ( magazines of the church) and looked up scriptures in the bible and book of mormon. she said she found many scriptures on baptism and then prayed…then she said: i know i need to be baptized. i want to do it. im ready to do it. i have recieved my answer!
my heart just wanted to leap out of my chest. i felt so much joy and love that i just couldnt hold back my tears! i always knew that ana was someone so special!

the day of her baptism, we went to pass by for her and head to the church( which is 8 blocks from her house) and she told us that she invited all of her family but no one wanted to or could go. i felt sad for her but reassured her that her kids, us missionaries, members, and christ would be there to support her.

after she and her son were baptized, we asked her how she felt, and she said she felt SO SO good. she felt clean and happy.
the next day she was confirmed before her son…
however that night, when we passed by her house she told us that she felt something so special when she was confirmed… she felt like christ accepted her heart and her desire to follow him. she knew in her heart that he guides this church which is his. she knew the book of mormon was true and that joseph smith was a true prophet. she thanked us for being her angels and bringing her this happiness that she had never felt in her life until we came.
yepp…then came more tears.

i testify that every single person who wants to know if this is the true church, with the true teachings, true doctrine, and true power of God, will know as they immerse themselves in the scriptures, both the BOM and Bible, as they live the gospel, and as they pray to heavenly father in the name of jesus christ with a sincere heart, true intent having faith in christ. they will feel and recognize the blessings that will come and will do anything to keep them and receive more. they will find precious truths and will have the mysteries of god be revealed unto them. & they will be on the path that will help them become who their heavenly father wants them to be and that will lead them back to his presence.
this is my wish…that every one of you will have the desire to know for yourselves that these things are true in the name of jesus christ. amen

times like these…motivates me to be a missionary forever and always.
2 weeks more as a set apart representative but the rest of my life as a missionary.
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February 9, 2015

hello nortes!

well this week we had the opportunity to find a whole bunch of new people to teach but in such an amazing way!
ana, our investigator who is so precious to us, is still progressing wonderfully! she just loves learning and drawing closer to her father in heaven! so this week we went to teach her a lesson, she received us as always, but led us to a different spot to teach! as we followed her we walked into a tiny room with like 10 people! it was her family! she wanted us to teach her whole family! her cousins, her mom, her sister in laws, and her neices and nephews! it was such a wonderful experience! all participated and were able to learn more about the savior and his gospel!

this experience truly taught how everyone is a missionary! even investigators who arent baptized will help us to find people to teach when they, themselves, truly understand the importance and have seen the blessings in their life! how grateful i am for ana and for her testimony and her conversion. i know that she is a light in her house and will help her family to come unto christ and his gospel!

i know that my savior lives and loves me! i am so grateful for the opportunity i have to be able to learn of him and strengthen my relationship with him! how grateful i am for the opportunity i ahve to strengthen my testimony of him each day through prayer, scripture study, and obedience to his commandments!!

let us all strive to strengthen our relationship with him so we too can be shine bright for all to have the desire to come and know our savior and redeeemer, even jesus christ. i promise people will see your light and will give you the opportunity to share why and how they can have the same light!
conmucho amor,

hermana rogers
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February 2015

well, anouncements:

just a shoutout to two women who are amazing:

mi abuelita y mi madrastrita
las amo con todo mi corazón y les deseo mucha felicidad durante sus cumpleaños! sepan que estoy tan agradecida a mi padre celestial por la bendición que tengo de tener dos mujjeres maravillosas en mi vida!

13 years as a member of the church of jesus christ!
how i thank my heavenly father everyday for this amazing blessisng and for the opportunity to help others come unto christ!
we are still working with our families!
ana continues to progress despite the persecution of her family and the afflictions
angela just wants to know what church is true and even though her husband doesnt have his heart open, she wants to continue and know how to help her husband understand the restored gospel of jesus christ!
victor and marta are progressing slowly but surely

and we continue to find more people who are searching for the fullness of the gospel of jesus christ!
this week i finished readin JESUS THE CHRIST! and wow, my faith and knowledge of jesus christ and his gospel just went up a few notches! whoever wants to learn more about the gospels andthe ministry of jesus christ should definitely read this book! it is 790 pages that will definitely build your testimony of jesus christ!

January 19, 2015

hey everyone!

changes have come and gone, and i am still with hermana lopez in la villa universitaria! honestly, i couldnt be more happy to stay with hermana lopez! we have seen some amazing miracles the last couple of weeks and i just hope to continue to see even more with her!

so this week i have just felt my testimony grow so much through the example of our investigators!

we went to go teach ana and fransisco and found them sitting outside with their bible, book of mormon and their pamphlets reading scriptures and answering questions about the plan of salvation! when i saw this cute family my heart just leaped for joy! how great it is to find people who are ready to change their lives and come unto christ! as we started the lesson we went over the questions and fransisco told us that all the questions he had were answered through studyuing the verses in the bible and book of mormon! he told us that IT ALL JUST MADE SO MUCH SENSE. i have always had a testimony of the plan of salvation, but it grew even more hearing these children of god testify to me, a missionary, that its true!
ana and fransisco werent able to make it to church bc her daughter has the chicken pox but they are so excited to go this next week!

another familia that is so special we found this week! their names are marta and victor! they are originally from leon but have lived in the united states. i found victor and his computer outside of his house! i walked by but knew i needed to say hi! we welcomed us in and we sat down to talk with him and his wife! he told us that his dad recieved the missionaries but he cant remember if he is a member or not! but he said that the church of jesus christ of latter day saints has a special place in his heart and has always had the desire to know more about the church!
so we taught them through out the week and they too, read the pamphlets and book of mormon. on sunday, we passed by early to remind them about the church but they didnt answer the door so i sent a text telling them that we would love for them to accompany us to church. then we passed by for others and within ten minutes of walking into the church, they come in! my heart just leaped for joy and everyone came up to greet them! it was a true blessing!

i know this church is true! without any doubt because i doubt my doubts before i doubt my faith!
i know that this is the lords work and in order to help others come unto him we all have to work in the HIS way!
this week president taught us more about the scirpture in doctrine and covenants:

He aquí, una obra maravillosa está a punto de aparecer entre los hijos de los hombres.

2 Por tanto, oh vosotros que os embarcáis en el servicio de Dios, mirad que le sirváis con todo vuestro corazón, alma, mente y fuerza, para que aparezcáis sin culpa ante Dios en el último día.

he taught us what it meant to serve the lord in each area!

i would love to here your thoughts:

how can we serve the lord with our heart? mind? might? and strength?

how are each different?

is the order important or can we skip?
well, love you all so much!

que tengan una semana llena de bendiciones!

abrazos y besos.

January 12, 2015

hey, nortes!

well this week we had a baptism of a 15 year old teenager who is such an example to me! after 6 months of going to church by herself, her parents finally gave her the permission to be baptized! they arent members and were really against her getting baptized but let her come to church with us if we took her home every sunday!! like two weeks ago…the second counselor asked her to give a prayer in sacrament meeting because he thought she was a member! haha finally after much begging, we went to her house with the bishop and his counselors in order to talk to her parents. her mom did not want to talk with us but her dad said that if she wanted to do this and stick with her decision, she could be baptized. we got the signature.. come to find out that the day before her baptism, she and her her mom got into a huge fight about it and she told her mom that she was going to get baptized…if she wanted to attend it was her choice…but either way she was going to get baptized and be a member of the church of jesus christ! i just admire this little teenager so much and know that she is going to bless the lives of so many people…including the lives of her family with her determination to follow christ!
so ana and fransisco are progressing but they have a bit of problems in the family that we need to focus on. we had such a great lesson filled with the spirit on thursday and they are just progressing so fastly by reading the book of mormon! however, we are focusing more on how the gospel blesses the family in order for them to strengthen their home.

so this week, the spirit has truly helped us to determine or discern who really is ready to receive the gospel and who isnt….

we met a lady whose boss is the bishop of another ward and invited her to the church on day. she went but only the first hour. she asked us a few questions but there was one in particular that stood out to me. she asked why we dont contact people like other religions by going door to door. i then bore my testimony of the spirit and how it is such a great gift and blessing from god! how amazing it is that the spirit directs his missionaries to certain houses. he tells us through feelings or thoughts that we should contact a house! we are led to the people who are ready. she started to get teary eyed and told us that we were sent to her house for a reason. she said that her husband has a problem with alcohol and her kids dont respect him. she said she wants more unity and love and peace in her home and asked us to come back in order to meet the rest of her family!

i truly know that the spirit is what is important in this life! if we follow him, we will be led to where we need to be, we will say what needs to be said. how blessed i am to be a missionary for the church of jesus christ and to be able to receive this guide in order to help the people who are ready to receive the greatest help there is: jesus christ!
may we all strive to have this constant companionship in order to help others come unto christ!

con mucho amor, hermana rogers.