January 12, 2015

hey, nortes!

well this week we had a baptism of a 15 year old teenager who is such an example to me! after 6 months of going to church by herself, her parents finally gave her the permission to be baptized! they arent members and were really against her getting baptized but let her come to church with us if we took her home every sunday!! like two weeks ago…the second counselor asked her to give a prayer in sacrament meeting because he thought she was a member! haha finally after much begging, we went to her house with the bishop and his counselors in order to talk to her parents. her mom did not want to talk with us but her dad said that if she wanted to do this and stick with her decision, she could be baptized. we got the signature.. come to find out that the day before her baptism, she and her her mom got into a huge fight about it and she told her mom that she was going to get baptized…if she wanted to attend it was her choice…but either way she was going to get baptized and be a member of the church of jesus christ! i just admire this little teenager so much and know that she is going to bless the lives of so many people…including the lives of her family with her determination to follow christ!
so ana and fransisco are progressing but they have a bit of problems in the family that we need to focus on. we had such a great lesson filled with the spirit on thursday and they are just progressing so fastly by reading the book of mormon! however, we are focusing more on how the gospel blesses the family in order for them to strengthen their home.

so this week, the spirit has truly helped us to determine or discern who really is ready to receive the gospel and who isnt….

we met a lady whose boss is the bishop of another ward and invited her to the church on day. she went but only the first hour. she asked us a few questions but there was one in particular that stood out to me. she asked why we dont contact people like other religions by going door to door. i then bore my testimony of the spirit and how it is such a great gift and blessing from god! how amazing it is that the spirit directs his missionaries to certain houses. he tells us through feelings or thoughts that we should contact a house! we are led to the people who are ready. she started to get teary eyed and told us that we were sent to her house for a reason. she said that her husband has a problem with alcohol and her kids dont respect him. she said she wants more unity and love and peace in her home and asked us to come back in order to meet the rest of her family!

i truly know that the spirit is what is important in this life! if we follow him, we will be led to where we need to be, we will say what needs to be said. how blessed i am to be a missionary for the church of jesus christ and to be able to receive this guide in order to help the people who are ready to receive the greatest help there is: jesus christ!
may we all strive to have this constant companionship in order to help others come unto christ!

con mucho amor, hermana rogers.


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