January 19, 2015

hey everyone!

changes have come and gone, and i am still with hermana lopez in la villa universitaria! honestly, i couldnt be more happy to stay with hermana lopez! we have seen some amazing miracles the last couple of weeks and i just hope to continue to see even more with her!

so this week i have just felt my testimony grow so much through the example of our investigators!

we went to go teach ana and fransisco and found them sitting outside with their bible, book of mormon and their pamphlets reading scriptures and answering questions about the plan of salvation! when i saw this cute family my heart just leaped for joy! how great it is to find people who are ready to change their lives and come unto christ! as we started the lesson we went over the questions and fransisco told us that all the questions he had were answered through studyuing the verses in the bible and book of mormon! he told us that IT ALL JUST MADE SO MUCH SENSE. i have always had a testimony of the plan of salvation, but it grew even more hearing these children of god testify to me, a missionary, that its true!
ana and fransisco werent able to make it to church bc her daughter has the chicken pox but they are so excited to go this next week!

another familia that is so special we found this week! their names are marta and victor! they are originally from leon but have lived in the united states. i found victor and his computer outside of his house! i walked by but knew i needed to say hi! we welcomed us in and we sat down to talk with him and his wife! he told us that his dad recieved the missionaries but he cant remember if he is a member or not! but he said that the church of jesus christ of latter day saints has a special place in his heart and has always had the desire to know more about the church!
so we taught them through out the week and they too, read the pamphlets and book of mormon. on sunday, we passed by early to remind them about the church but they didnt answer the door so i sent a text telling them that we would love for them to accompany us to church. then we passed by for others and within ten minutes of walking into the church, they come in! my heart just leaped for joy and everyone came up to greet them! it was a true blessing!

i know this church is true! without any doubt because i doubt my doubts before i doubt my faith!
i know that this is the lords work and in order to help others come unto him we all have to work in the HIS way!
this week president taught us more about the scirpture in doctrine and covenants:

He aquí, una obra maravillosa está a punto de aparecer entre los hijos de los hombres.

2 Por tanto, oh vosotros que os embarcáis en el servicio de Dios, mirad que le sirváis con todo vuestro corazón, alma, mente y fuerza, para que aparezcáis sin culpa ante Dios en el último día.

he taught us what it meant to serve the lord in each area!

i would love to here your thoughts:

how can we serve the lord with our heart? mind? might? and strength?

how are each different?

is the order important or can we skip?
well, love you all so much!

que tengan una semana llena de bendiciones!

abrazos y besos.


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